Peter and Veronica Pleasance are residents of Skylarks Residential Home for the Elderly.

They haven't spoken to their high-flying son - Managing Director of Trixel Technologies - for over twenty years.

When one of his employees, Oludayo Akano is kidnapped in Nigeria, son Jerome Akano decides it is time for some action.

Along with his friends Damien (trying to make a name for himself as an activist) and Chalky (along for the ride), they attack the residential home in order to hold Peter and Veronica Pleasance ransom in the name of Akano.

Siege - which came from an idea by writer Francesca Joseph, was developed through a series of improvisation workshops with the cast, who provided the dialogue for the piece.

This fast-moving tragi-comic piece hurtles towards a surprising climax.

Siege by Francesca Joseph, improvised by the cast.

Peter - Karl Johnson

Veronica - Marlene Sidaway

Jack - David Hargreaves

Leo - Peter Martin

Tracy - Christine Brennan

Jerome - Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Damien - Danny Dalton

Chalky - Stefan Gumbs

PC Singh - Muzz Khan

Director Susan Roberts.

Tragi-comic drama about a hostage siege at a residential care home.