Sibling Stories


01Monica Mccaffrey2012082820120902

In this five part series, Anna Magnusson meets with siblings from a range of backgrounds and explores the elements that define and bind this special relationship. This week, Anna speaks to Monica McCaffrey, founder of the UK Charity 'SIBS' about her relationship with her brother Martin who has Down's syndrome and Autism. Anna will look at the dynamics of this ever evolving relationship and how the boundaries of carer and sibling become blurred when you have a brother or sister with lifelong support needs and what that means in the future when the parents are no longer around or able to look after a disabled child.

Anna Magnusson talks to Monica McCaffrey about growing up with a disabled brother.

02Irene Watson And Pete Duncan2012090420120909
20130101 (RS)


Anna Magnusson explores the elements which make up the special bond of a sibling relationship.

Brother and Sister duo, Pete and Irene share their extraordinary story with Anna and explain why they're only just getting to know each other despite being in their 60's and 70's and how that impacts on the formation of the sibling bond.

Siblings Pete and Irene share their extraordinary story with Anna Magnusson.

In This five part Series, Anna Magnusson explores the elements which make up the special bond of a sibling relationship.

03Graham And Lorraine Matthew2012091120130102 (RS)

Imagine your brother is gravely ill - How far would you go to save him? Would you be prepared to donate one of your organs knowing there might be a risk to your own health? Well, that's exactly what Lorraine Matthew did for her younger brother Graham, who was suffering from kidney failure.

In today's Sibling Stories, Anna Magnusson finds out why Lorraine chose to become a living donor and how Graham coped receiving such a generous gift. Anna also explores how such a a selfless act changes the sibling relationship.

04Fariha And Kath2012091820120923

Anna Magnusson talks to sisters Kath and Fariha about overcoming religious differences.

When Fariha Thomas, a white, British woman and self-confessed feminist went from atheist to Muslim, her sister Kath struggled to accept her decision. Kath turned to her own Christian beliefs and found a way to understand her sister's religious choices. In Siblings Stories, Anna Magnusson meets the sisters and hears how their differences actually brought them closer together.

05 LASTCathie And Gillian Rae20120925

Anna Magnusson meets with Jazz singer Cathie Rae her sister Gillian and discusses what it's like to grow up in a large, musical family. Anna also hears how life's events such as teenage pregnancy, divorce and homosexuality have shaped their sibling relationship.