Shuttle Diplomacy

Comedy series by Marianne Carey set in the corridors of power at both Westminster and Holyrood.



Claire and Ronnie Vincent have been in politics as long as they have been in love, but as she takes over his Westminster seat and he heads for Holyrood as an MSP, will love survive? Will their children Tom, 16, and Holly, 15, survive having their father around their Edinburgh house for more than just weekends? Or will there be an amendment to family life as they know it?

  • alec murchie....Crawford Logan
  • alex murchie....Crawford Logan
  • brenda scurrell....Carol Ann Crawford
  • claire vincent mp....tamara kennedy
  • clive fisher....Crawford Logan
  • douglas hawthorn....michael mackenzie
  • eric menzies....Crawford Logan
  • holly vincent....emma ballantine
  • jenny mcbain....Carol Ann Crawford
  • lydia benson....lucy paterson
  • ronnie vincent msp....simon tait
  • ronnie vincent....simon tait
  • tom vincent....james quintal-norris
  • wallace mccorquindale....ralph riach

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    Ronnie has his ambition set on becoming the new First Minister but will he have the support of his peers? Meanwhile Claire's maiden speech in the House of Commons has caused quite a stir, especially in high places.


    As Ronnie struggles to cope with a succession of minor domestic crises, Claire encourages him to focus on his Scottish Parliamentary career and ingratiate himself with the new First Minister - the belligerent and uncompromising Jenny McBain.

    0104 LAST20031006

    Claire is desperate for a holiday; Ronnie isn't so keen.

    But a financial scandal is about to blow up which could mean a permanent vacation for both of them.