Sheltering Sky, The

By Paul Bowles, abridged by Alison Joseph and read by John Sharian.

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0120050822By Paul Bowles, abridged by Alison Joseph and read by John Sharian.Set in the aftermath of World War Two, three Americans set out to travel in North Africa.|But the journey into the desert is to have a devastating effect on their lives.
0220050823Port fails to return to the hotel until morning and Tunners presence complicates matters for Kit.
0320050824The Americans meet an eccentric English duo whose offer of a lift serves to increase the tensions between them.
0420050825The Americans travel inland to Boussif, where Port and Kit experience the immensity of the desert.
0520050826Port and Kit travel on to Bou Noura while Tunner is driven to Messad by the Lyles.
0620050829The Moresbys leave Bou Noura for El Ga'a but Port's state of health is steadily worsening.
0720050830Port has a terrible fever from typhoid, and Kit is beginning to be very afraid.
0820050831In a state of shock, Kit flees into the desert, where she embarks on an extraordinary journey.
0920050901A long journey across the desert has taken a now very fragile Kit to the house of Belquassim.
10 LAST20050902Arrangements are made for Kit, now in a state of complete breakdown, to be flown back north to Oran.