Monologues by Richard Monks, inspired by the 2007 Cumbrian train crash, examining the profound effects on the lives of local residents one year on from the accident.


01Johna *20080922

Johna is a middle-aged bachelor who has spent his whole life on the family farm.

But the train crash forces him into contact with new people and into a new world of possibilities.

Johna....Gerard Mcdermott

02Kerry *20080923

is a typical 15-year-old girl, fighting with her parents and dealing with boys, schoolwork and peer pressure.

But on the night of the crash, something terrible happens that not only transforms her relationships with people but also shows her an unexpected path into the future.

Kerry....Rachel Brogan

03Tyler *20080924

Volunteer fireman Tyler was one of the first to reach the crash site.

But by helping save others' lives, he has damaged his own.

Unable to forget what he has seen, he becomes clinically depressed.

Now, involvement in an organic growing project is helping him to find a way forward.

Tyler....Bryan Dick

04Heather *20080925

is a divorcee who recently moved to the village, eager to make a new life for herself as the village shopkeeper.

But the locals resented her intrusion and boycotted the business - until the crash changed everything.

Heather....Deborah Findlay

05 LASTJackie *20080926

Former drug abuser Jackie is a blacksmith, recently returned to the village in an attempt to provide some stability for Sean, her wayward teenage son.

She is commissioned to create the memorial to the victims of the crash.

As she puts the finishing touches to the memorial, she relates how she believed Sean was responsible for the disaster.

Jackie....Katy Cavanagh