Shared Experience, The

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0101I Saw A Ghost20131217Shared Experience is a new series. Fi Glover and guests sit round a kitchen table to share strange tales that turn out to be unexpectedly common. In the first programme Fi talks to people who've seen a ghost. Fi's guests have come from different places, with different backgrounds; they live very different lives. But they have one experience they all share - the day they saw a ghost and what happened to them after. In Britain, strange tales are more common than you think.
0102Saving A Life20131224|Fi Glover brings together a disparate group of people all with one thing in common. This week people who have saved someone's life discuss the experience and how it affects them afterwards.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0103Pest Controllers20131231|More shared experiences discussed in a lively intimate way with host Fi Glover. This week four pest control share their passion for the job controlling bedbugs, rats, maggots and creatures many of us find repellent.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0104 LASTMothers Who Left Their Kids20140107|Fi Glover talks to four women who have made the painful choice to leave their children, how they have dealt with separation, and if they can ever rebuild their relationship with them.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0201Falling Off The Wagon20140527|"That first drink and it was like woohoo, a party going off in my head" Three people with different addictions talk frankly to Fi Glover about falling off the wagon. In Lisa's case, one cocktail was all it took to get her back on hard drugs and alcohol. For Richard, it was putting a one pound coin into a slot machine and winning the jackpot, while Simon was in such denial about his addiction that he used drugs as a way of abstaining from alcohol, so that technically he could say he wasn't relapsing.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0202Surviving Deadly Events20140603|Four survivors of deadly events tell their stories to Fi Glover and how they dealt with the aftermath. Stories include being attacked by a Great White shark, surviving a plane crash, being in Japan when the earthquake struck and surviving an IRA bomb attack on a coach.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0203Estranged20140610|'I love my son but I just don't like him anymore.' explains one woman in this programme that deals with the subject of family estrangement. Three people share their stories with Fi Glover of how they came to the decision to cut ties with either parents or children.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.
0204 LASTMental Breakdown20140617|Three very different people come together to discuss the experience of mental breakdown, starting with the moment they realised what was happening.|Producer: Maggie Ayre.