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Comedy series by Emma Clarke about a group of retired private investors.


0101Men In Beige20020911

Maurice suspects that he is being investigated by the mysterious stock market police.

0102Conference Call20020918

Maureen organises the club's annual outing, but the destination is an unexpected one.

0103Hall Of Fame20020925

Norma tries to buy popularity by pretending to be best friends with Stuart Hall.

0104When The Chips Are Down20021002

Don swindles 5,000 pounds from each of the Chancers.

0105For Love Nor Money20021009

Eric is horrified when his daughter starts dating a hated rival's son.

Meanwhile, Norma finds love in a chat room.

0106 LASTBattle Of Will20021016

Maurice's company goes to the wall. He can either take the pressure like a man or hit the bottle and fake his own death.