Shaping The Brain



Live from the Henry Wellcome Auditorium at Wellcome Collection, Claudia Hammond finds out about the ways in which music can influence - even mould - the brain from a neurological and social perspective, to discover how our musical tastes, education and preferences shape more than just our social lives.

Ever since the idea of the "Mozart Effect" was first reported in the early 90s, researchers around the world have sought to find out whether listening to music can have effects on our other cognitive faculties, including IQ. The results, whilst modest, are not to be ignored. Music, in particular performing music and playing instruments, does affect the working of the young and adult brain. And this shapes lives.

But how best to interest young people in music? Claudia Hammond is joined by Professor David Hargreaves , Cognitive Neuroscientist Catherine Loveday, and Lucy Green, Professor of Musical Education at the Institute of Education.