Shaka The Zulu

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19700115The story of Shaka as a king and conqueror of 200,000 square miles of Africa, as a military genius, lover, law-giver, and murderous despot is written by TONY VAN DEN BERGH|With BETTY HARDY , MARTINA MAYNE ALLAN MCCLELLAND|JO MANNING WILSON|JOHN BRYNING , WILFRID CARTER|LEIGH CRUTCHLEY , MALCOLM HAYES FREDERICK TREVES PETER TUDDENHAM and PETER WILLIAMS|Produced by ROBERT CRADOCK


Written By: Tony van Den Bergh|Unknown: Betty Hardy|Unknown: Martina Mayne|Unknown: Allan McClelland|Unknown: Jo Manning Wilson|Unknown: John Bryning|Unknown: Wilfrid Carter|Unknown: Leigh Crutchley|Unknown: Malcolm Hayes|Unknown: Frederick Treves|Unknown: Peter Tuddenham|Unknown: Peter Williams|Produced By: Robert Cradock