First of an eight-part reading of the story about author CS Lewis' affair with poet Joy Gresham, read by Ian Richardson and recorded four weeks before the actor's death.


01Letters *2007040620080725
02Friendship *2007041320080801

The invitation was for Professor CS Lewis to have lunch at the Eastgate Hotel in Oxford and since the hotel was virtually opposite Magdalen College, the Professor's academic home, it would have been awkward to refuse.

03Commitment *2007042020080808

Adultery enters the picture.

04Marriage *2007042720080815
05Reprieve * *2007050420080822

Joy suffers from cancer but makes a remarkable recovery.


In April 1960, Lewis and Davidman visit Greece.

Joy's cancer has returned and she is in great pain, and doctors warn her that to travel so far would be taking a big chance - but she is undeterred.

07Death *2007051820080912

Joy's recovery proved to be nothing more than a reprieve and the end was inevitable.

08 LASTPeace *2007052520080926

Lewis comes to terms with Joy's death.


Adaptation by Archie Scottney of the play by William Nicholson.

The moving true story of the 1950s relationship between Oxford don and author CS Lewis and divorced American writer Joy Gresham.

CS 'Jack' Lewis....Martin Jarvis

Joy Gresham....Joanne Whalley

'Warnie' Lewis....Kenneth Danziger

Rev Harry Harrington....Julian Sands

Prof Christopher Riley....Julian Holloway

Douglas....Zach Callison

Alan Gregg....Darren Richardson

Registrar....Jean Gilpin

Doctor....Matthew Wolf

Priest/Oakley....Alan Shearman

Nurse....Daisy Hydon

Directed by Rosalind Ayres

A Jarvis and Ayres production for BBC Radio 4.

By William Nicholson.

The true story of the relationship between CS Lewis and Joy Gresham.