Shades Of Blue


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900811]

Written By: Leigh Jackson.

Unknown: Kim Wall

Unknown: Peter Howell

Unknown: Ian Thompson

Unknown: Steven Harrold

Unknown: John Samson.

Director: Cherry Cookson.

Adrian: Bob Peck

Pauline: Rosemary Martin

Virginia: Juliet Stevenson

Tony: Clive Merrison

Emmaa: Clare Travers-Deacon

Hopkins: Richard Wilson

Alice: Elizabeth Rider

Hugh: Crawford Logan

Claire: Susie Brann

Mrs Hopkins: Margaret Ward

Brother: Paul Gregory

Foreman/Catering manager: Brian Hewlett

Programme Catalogue - Details: 22 June 198719900811

First broadcast on 1987-06-22

Producer: C. COOKSON


It is the day of the wedding of the daughter of a wealthy dentist, Adrian, who is hoping to start a new career in politics. His only rival for the local

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

22 Jun 1987 20:15-21:35 (RADIO 4)

27 Jun 1987 14:30-15:50 (RADIO 4)

11 Aug 1990 14:30-15:50 (RADIO 4)


Richard Wilson (Actor)

Brian Hewlett (Actor)

Crawford Logan (Actor)

Kim Wall (Actor)

Juliet Stevenson (Actor)

Peter Howell (Actor)

Clive Merrison (Actor)

Susie Brann (Actor)

John Samson (Actor)

Paul Gregory (Actor)

Rosemary Martin (Actor)

Ian Thompson (Actor)

Bob Peck (Actor)

Elizabeth Rider (Actor)

Steven Harrold (Actor)

Margaret Ward (Actor)

Clare Travers-Deacon (Actor)

Brian Perkins (ann)

Leigh Jackson (Author)

Cherry Cookson (Producer)

Recorded on 1987-05-11.