The Seychelles Seashore

Stuart Blackman spends five weeks on the island of Aride in the Seychelles.


0101A Teddy Bear2002080420030623

Stuart has to learn to share his hut with a menagerie of animal friends.

0102Desert Island Delights2002081120030624

Stuart explores the island's beaches and rock pools.

0103Catching Flies In Paradise2002081820030625

Stuart goes in search of the Seychelles Black Paradise flycatcher.

0104When Robbie Met Maggie2002082520030626

A Seychelles magpie robin is moved to another island in the hope that he will breed with a female of this endangered species.

0105 LASTAll Good Things Come To An End2002090120030627

Stuart Blackman squeezes in a final bit of sightseeing and 'twitching' amongst the unusual and motley collection of wildlife that he's shared the last five weeks with on his island home of aride.

He also travels to Praslin, a neighbouring island which is home to the smallest world heritage site but the biggest nut in the world, some energetic white slugs and a snake that smells like the coat of a wet dog.