A Service For Epiphany

Live from the Chapel of Eton College with the Rodolfus Choir.
Introit: Epiphany Responsory (Richard Lloyd) first performance
Hymn: Where is this stupendous stranger
First Reading: At Bethlehem (Richard Crashaw)
Anthem: Reges Tharsis (Sheppard)
Second Reading: Matthew 2, vv1-11
Hymn: Brightest and best
Third Reading: The Offering (Jeremy Taylor)
Anthem: Bethlehem Down (Warlock)
Fourth Reading: Royal Presents (Nathaniel Wanley)
Anthem: Here is the little door (Howells)
Fifth Reading: At the manger Mary sings (W H Auden)
Anthem: Videntes stellam (Poulenc)
Sixth Reading: Exodus 2, vv1-10
Anthem: Mater ora filium (Bax)
Hymn: O worship the Lord
Organ Voluntary: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern, BWV 739 (Bach)
Director of music: Ralph Allwood
Organist: Tom Winpenny.