Sergey Prokofiev

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701006]A portrait in words and music Written by MICHAEL KENNEDY|Composer of such well-known works as Peter and the Wolf, The Love of Three Oranges. and the Classical Symphony, Prokofiev was born in Tsarist Russia in 1891 and died in Moscow in 1953 on the same day as Stalin.|His career is a fascinating study of the artist's struggle to reconcile his artistic integrity with the demands made on him by a totalitarian regime. Narrator DAVID MAHLOWE ALAN MOORE as Prokofiev Other parts RONALD HARVI PAUL WEBSTER and CHRISTOPHER WILKINSON Produced by STANLEY WILLIAMSON


Written By: Michael Kennedy|Narrator: David Mahlowe|Narrator: Alan Moore|Unknown: Ronald Harvi|Unknown: Paul Webster|Unknown: Christopher Wilkinson|Produced By: Stanley Williamson