The Serendipity Of Science

Three-part series about lucky accidents which have led to revolutionary scientific discoveries, with Simon Singh.


0101Things That Go Flash In The Night2001090520020815

In this programme, he focuses on four discoveries relating to strange glows, from phosphorus to will-o'-the-wisps.

0102Miracle Microbes To Superbugs And Other Animalcules2001091220020822

He looks at accidental discoveries in bacteriology, from penicillin to a heat-loving bacterium which could provide a cheap green fuel.

0103 LASTInfrared, Gamma Rays And Everything In Between2001091920020829

Simon Singh explores the discovery of radiation.

0201Material Milestones And Fantastic Plastics20021127
0202Going With A Bang20021204
0203 LASTFrom Venom To Viagra20021211