Five stories by men and women who have lived, worked and served in prison.


AR01The Lesson20080929

Lindsay Duncan reads Patrick Gale's story about a prison governor's wife, suffocating in the rigid world of a remote coastal jail who finds unlikely solace in the company of a long-term prisoner.

AR02Qian, Mr Huxing And The Rats20080930

A new student, Qian, arrives at a Beijing university.

In her digs she makes a startling discovery which leads to an even more surprising meeting.

AR03New Friends20081001

A fairytale from an absent father for his daughters.

Read by Tim Pigott-smith

AR04The Naked Palms20081002

Sereni remembers life with her grandparents, Cuba on the brink of revolution, and her parents, whose passion for the revolution eclipsed their feelings for her.

AR05 LASTMy Dad *20081003

A small boy who dreams of monsters awakes to find two strange men in his room.

Is it a dream or are these monsters real?