Secret Lives

Examining people's double lives.


20070224 (RS)

By day a middle-class mum of six, by night a high-class call girl.

How far would you go to keep your kids in the style to which they had become accustomed?

0102Melissa Mahle2005111620070301
20070303 (RS)

To her friends and family Melissa Mahle was a civil servant in a boring job, but the real Melissa was a woman who inhabited a world of danger, intrigue and betrayal as a CIA spy.

0103Mark Daly2005112320070308
20070310 (RS)

Isabel Fraser hears from a 'secret policeman'.

Mark Daly talks about life as the undercover journalist who spilled the beans on racism in the police force.

0105Kate O'malley2005120720070315
20070317 (RS)

Can you ever truly escape your past? Kate O' Malley thought she could by creating a new identity.

Fifty years on she finally had to confront both the past and what it cost her.

0106Jayson Blair2005121420070322
20070324 (RS)

Disgraced reporter Jayson Blair had it all.

A star reporter for America's most prestigious newspaper, his exclusives made front page news.

But the truth will out, Jayson was fabricating his scoops and fighting insanity.

0107 LASTGamil Turawa2005122120070329
20070331 (RS)

Gamil Turawa was a macho man in a macho world, but, underneath, he was frightened to reveal the truth about himself.

0201Ned Vincent2007010620070703

Ned Vincent seemed like a regular guy but appearances can be deceptive. Ned's secret life led to a breakdown because Ned was really a woman called Norah.

0202Jenny Lucas2007011120070113
20070710 (RS)

Three years ago Jenny Lucas was placed on the witness protection scheme. From that moment she lost her own identity and began a life of turmoil and lies on the run.

0203Rufus May2007011820070717

Isabel Fraser talks to Dr Rufus May who trained as a clinical psychologist but hid from his colleagues and patients his secret, that he was a diagnosed schizophrenic.

0204Michael Ross2007012520070127
20070724 (RS)

Michael Ross was forced to keep his identity a secret or he was a dead man, because he was really working as an undercover agent for Mossad.

0205Pat Buckley2007020120070203
20070731 (RS)

For years Bishop Pat Buckley hid what he believed was a shameful secret, he was a Catholic priest in a relationship with another man.

0206John Myatt2007020820070210

For eight years John Myatt's secret life was his own living room, turning out fake paintings which would fool the art establishment.

0207 LAST2007021520070217
20070807 (RS)
20070814 (RS)

To the outside world Jennifer, her husband and two children were a normal happy family, but behind closed doors it was a very different story.

0303 LAST20090107