The Secret Life Of Car Parks

Life, love and stress in the car park. Linda Smith takes an ironic look at one of society's greatest inventions - the car park.



It's a rainy morning in Edinburgh and Brian Ferriar is doing what he likes best - berating traffic wardens, or Enforcers, as they're known in these parts. And his gripe? The fact that the car park has, well and truly, come to his door. Like hundreds of other residents in Newtown he can't guarantee getting a parking space outside his own home, because in these parts there are more permits than spaces. But how did it get to be this bad? Linda Smith looks at the irresistible rise of the car park.


Nicolette Gordon is on the road hunting down abusers of disabled parking bays. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Find out what happens when she confronts a transgressor as Linda Smith takes a wry look at the winners and losers in the parking lot.


It's getting better all the time, according to parking consultant Liam Keilthy. But what does it take to make a great car park? Art or science? And what happens when a car park designed for a brave new world becomes a decaying concrete relic?Linda Smith looks at the good, the bad and the plain ugly of car parks.


Sculptor Ronald Rae is 'switherin'.

For fifteen years by sheer physical strength and will-power he's carved massive blocks of granite, creating giant elephants, lions and even widow women in this local kirk car park.

But now he's on the move and leaving his car park is almost more than he can do.

Linda Smith takes a wry look at the highs and lows of fifteen years of art amongst the cars.

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Takin' a chance on love, or what Saskia did in the car park, and how one Italian town wants to make it official. Linda Smith takes a wry look at what we get up to in our car parks once we've parked the car.