The Secret Grief



by David Eldridge

Nigel is bored.

But then he

meets the glamorous Liv and Tony and becomes

part of their beautiful world; a beauty that hides a disturbing secret.

Nigel - Paul Chequer

Liv - Frances Barber

Tony - David Schofield

Roger - Struan Rodger

Kelly - Alex Tregear

Igor - Stuart McLoughlin

Stowaway - Nyasha Hatendi

David Eldridge is one of Britain's most exciting playwrights.

His adaptations of 'Festen' and 'The Wild Duck' won huge acclaim and his original writing includes 'Under The Blue Sky' and 'Market Boy'.

His new play 'The Knot of The Heart' is currently playing at The Almeida.

In this commission for Radio 3 he explores the idea of a fascism of the mind.

David Eldridge's play in which a young man take up with a couple of mysterious strangers.