Secret Grief, The

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20110320|by David Eldridge|Nigel is bored.|But then he|meets the glamorous Liv and Tony and becomes|part of their beautiful world; a beauty that hides a disturbing secret.|Nigel - Paul Chequer|Liv - Frances Barber|Tony - David Schofield|Roger - Struan Rodger|Kelly - Alex Tregear|Igor - Stuart McLoughlin|Stowaway - Nyasha Hatendi|David Eldridge is one of Britain's most exciting playwrights.|His adaptations of 'Festen' and 'The Wild Duck' won huge acclaim and his original writing includes 'Under The Blue Sky' and 'Market Boy'.|His new play 'The Knot of The Heart' is currently playing at The Almeida.|In this commission for Radio 3 he explores the idea of a fascism of the mind.|David Eldridge's play in which a young man take up with a couple of mysterious strangers.