Second Lives

A Journey Through Virtual Worlds

By Tim Guest.

Read by Paul Panting

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0120070604A Journey Through Virtual Worlds|By Tim Guest.|Read by Paul PantingAt a day care centre in Boston, nine cerebral palsy sufferers inhabit one virtual body to share a life they could only dream of in the real world.
0220070605Tim enters a computer-generated world and takes a trip in a virtual hot air balloon to see what the new life has to offer.|But even in an idealised fantasy world, his dream seaside home is far beyond his budget.
0320070606Tim adopts the role of a virtual private eye.
0420070607Recent developments in computer technology have seen the American military adopting the concept of virtual worlds for some very practical purposes.
05 LAST20070608Some of the world's largest corporations have spotted new business opportunities in the market for virtual worlds.