Scottish Shorts

New writing from Scotland.

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Roddy Hamilton's short story about the inner turmoil suffered by a librarian who feels she has been sexually assaulted by one of her readers.

Read by Lesley Mackie.

0102Shakespeare's Hands2000091920010610

Paul R Hyde's short story.

A man encounters Shakespeare in a dream and finds him to be a scoundrel, a rogue - and a waiter in Verona.

Read by Michael Mackenzie

0103The Girl From Quebrada2000092020010617

Meaghan Delahunt's short story.

A young Mexican girl determines to escape poverty and prostitution by becoming one of the famous divers of Acapulco - but the competition is for men only.

Read by Tamara Kennedy

0104When That's Done2000092120010624

Jim Glen's short story.

A man visits a therapist for the first time and finds himself looking at the world in a different light.

Read by James Bryce.

0105 LASTReunion2000092220010701

Michael Faber's short story.

A domineering husband becomes suspicious of his wife's plans to attend a school reunion.

Read by Jimmy Chisholm

0201Not Anything To Do With Love20020107

A L Kennedy reads her own short story `Not Anything to Do with Love'.

In the aftermath of a failed romance, the ex-lovers meet unexpectedly.

0202Visiting The Professor20020108

Paul Young reads `Visiting the Professor' by Ron Butlin, in which a drunken academic takes a colleague home for a very late night cap.

0203To The Monument Of Shah Jahan20020109

Joanna Tope reads `To the Monument of Shah Jahan' by Meaghan Delahunt, in which a woman experiences a welter of emotions on visiting the Taj Mahal.

0204Letters From A Well-wisher20020110

Vivienne Dixon reads `Letters from a Well-Wisher' by Helen Lamb, in which some useful but rather intimidating advice is on offer.

0205 LASTMrs Heggarty20020111

Mary Riggans reads `Mrs Heggarty' by Saket Priyadarshi, in which a wealthy South African housewife becomes a museum cleaner in Scotland.

0305 LAST20030117
0401Being Leonard Cohen20031229

A week of new writing from Scotland begins with Being Leonard Cohen by Sarah Rauchas, a comic account of a womans search for a vocation.

""A passing comment from a friend was what turned the light on for me.

He said, and I will always be grateful to him for this, Youre so depressing! And it all fell into place!"" Read by Irene Macdougall

0402Pure Dead Magic20031230

by Roddy Hamilton.

The funeral of a celebrated stage magician is disrupted when his coffin disappears.

0403Twice Nightly20031231

by Alastair Potter.

War breaks out when a new warden is appointed at a Rest Home For Mature Actors.

0404Tafelmusik And Cat-scarers - A Brief Biography Of The Real Georg Telemann20040101

by Ron Butlin.

Read by Crawford Logan

0405 LASTTravelling Via San Francisco And The Moon20040102

By Ron Butlin.

Composer Robert Schumann wakes one morning to find that Leipzig is now in China.


by Linda Cracknell: Working away from home during the festive season, an executive rediscovers her sense of adventure.

Read by Tamara Kennedy.


by Kenneth Steven: Old fishing logbooks rekindle memories of first love in the winter snow.

Read by John Buick.

0503Write Your Name Small2005010520061203

written and read by Anne Downie: The pantomime season finds a theatre company struggling to keep the show on the road.


by Ron Butlin: Elderly Alice is feeling bruised by life, but an angry commuter provokes her fighting spirit.

Read by Edith MacArthur.

0505 LASTA Hallowed Space2005010720061217

by Jenny Warton: An awkward young man meets a beautiful girl in an art gallery - but is it the perfect match? Read by Ralph Riach.


By Sally Beamish, read by Joanna Tope.

The quirky tale of a middle-aged woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband leaves her.


By Kenneth Steven, read by Paul Blair.

A young Celtic supporter gets a life-changing job with a fanatical Rangers fan.

0603Cool Room 320070103

By Regi Claire, read by Finlay Welsh.

Following an incident with an ice-cream cone, a family are abandoned on a motorway.

0604Her Mother's Songs *2007010420080720

By Merryn Glover.

A young woman returns to her home town to visit her estranged mother.

Read by Lesley Hart

By Merryn Glover, read by Lesley Hart

0605 LASTA Breath Of Air2007010520080727

By Fiona Thackeray, read by Gary Lewis.

An inmate finds unexpected refuge from prison life when some important guests pay a visit.

0701Losers Weepers20071217

By Zoe Strachan.

When Ted Samson's father goes missing in action during World War II, Ted hatches a foolproof plan to ensure his return by attacking his next door neighbour with his best friend's ferret.

Read by Robin Laing.

0702Dancing At Alice's Wedding20071218

By Janette Walkinshaw.

Finishing her work late one frosty night, a young farming woman thinks about the next day's wedding celebrations and what might have been.

Read by Gayanne Potter

0703Lemon Ice Cream20071219

By Kenneth Steven.

When his mother dies, the youngest member of a family of Italian emigres in New York takes matters into his own hands and decides to sell his father's recipe for lemon ice cream.

Read by Michael Goldsmith

0704Sea Change *20071220

By Lynda Mcdonald.

Miles away from home, a woman stumbles upon a grave which she believes to be her long-lost uncle's.

Read by Monica Gibb

0705 LASTThe Brightest Star *20071221

By Fiona Sinclair.

Home alone, a little girl is visited by the police during the week before Christmas.

As the officers try to find her a place to stay, she slowly realises her parents aren't coming back soon.

Read by Vicki Liddelle

0801Thirst *20080113

By Merryn Glover.

An act of kindness yields a miraculous result for a downtrodden woman in Nepal.

Read by Gayanne Potter

0802The Dizzy *20080120

By Patrick Prior.

As time passes, a young man realises his date isn't coming.

He decides to take matters into his own hands.

Read by John Kielty

0803Tomato Sauce *20080127

By Vivien Jones.

The smell of freshly picked tomatoes evokes a childhood memory of a single act of disobedience which had a surprising effect.

Read by Monica Gibb

0804Murdo And Ishbel20080203

By Marietta Macgranthin.

A villager is drawn nightly to the sea, where he becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman.

Read by Tamara Kennedy.

0805 LASTDog Days20080210

By Peter Regent.

Holidaying in Greece, a Scottish minister has a disastrous encounter with a couple of dogs.

Read by Paul Young

1101Fear In A Hat20110104

A shy schoolgirl fears the worst when she attends a compulsory religious retreat with her catty classmates.

Read by Sally Reid

Written by Nicola White

Producer: Eilidh McCreadie

'Scottish Shorts' showcases the best new writing from Scotland.

Nicola White lives on a peninsula in Argyll, between a picturesque sea loch and an MOD arms depot.

A former art curator and documentary producer, she turned her back on the city and steady wages a few years ago.

Since then she has been invited to read her work at the Blue Room, Newcastle and the Irish Writers Centre, Dublin.

In 2008 she received a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award.

A shy schoolgirl fears the worst when she attends a compulsory religious retreat.

1102The Last Cup20110105

Set on a windswept Western Isle, a kindly old fisherman and his stern minister find a poignant sliver of common ground over tea from a chipped china cup.

Read by Matthew Zajac.

Written by Merryn Glover.

Producer: Patricia Hitchcock

'Scottish Shorts' showcases the best new writing from Scotland.

Merryn Glover is a playwright and author of short stories and received a Scottish Arts Council bursary.

She has written plays for BBC Radio Scotland.

A kindly old fisherman and his stern minister find a sliver of common ground.

1103 LASTMatryoshka20110106

A spoilt princess craves possession of the one thing she can't have in this new spin on a familiar tale.

Read by Nicola Jo Cully

Written by Kirsty Logan

Producer: Eilidh McCreadie

'Scottish Shorts' showcases the best new writing from Scotland.

Kirsty Logan graduated in 2009 from Glasgow University's Creative Writing MLitt; over the next year she won a New Writers Award from the Scottish Book Trust, the Gillian Purvis Award, and third place in the Bridport Prize.

She regularly performs her own work and recently read at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Her short fiction has been published in around 80 anthologies and literary magazines.

Kirsty is currently working on her first novel and a short story collection.

A spoilt princess craves possession of the one thing she can't have.