Science, Not Art - Ten Scientists' Diaries

The frustrations, comic moments and occasional breakthroughs revealed in the diaries of young outstanding scientists.


01Kevin Fong20040216

With qualifications in medicine and astrophysics, Kevin Fong is trying to develop an education and research programme for the UK's space life-sciences, while trying to survive as a hospital doctor.

The reader is Jack Davenport

02Janna Levin20040217

Today's diarist is Janna Levin, a theoretical physicist based at Cambridge.

She's part of team bidding for 20 million dollars for a new cosmology centre at Berkeley - but other projects are bidding too.

Read by Barbara Barnes.

03Yadvinder Malhi20040218

Today's diarist is Yadvinder Malhi, a specialist in tropical ecosystems.

From the serenity of an Amazonian rain forest to 300 emails in a chilly Edinburgh office - but his results are getting noticed.

Read by Paul Bazely.

04Marcus Du Sautoy20040219

Today's diarist is Marcus Du Sautoy, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

He has been working for ten years on a conjecture in an area of group theory, but can he carry on without coffee? Read by Michael Fenton Stevens

05Mark Lythgoe20040220

Lecturer in Radiology and Physics in the Royal College of Surgeons Unit at the Institute of Child Health in London.