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Thrillers, mysteries, love stories and detective fiction, as well as an occasional special series.



Tony Ramsay's play, set in ARGENTINA, stars Juliet Stevenson as Victoria Mendez, whose violent death in the Dirty War, comes to affect the romantic notions of a young ENGLISH teacher.

  • amparo....paloma baeza
  • carola....Tracy-ann Oberman
  • david....james d'arcy
  • directed by - Janet Whitaker
  • jorge....Peter Marinker
  • nestor....vincenzo nicoli
  • raul....Gerard Mcdermott
  • victoria....Juliet Stevenson
  • wintle....david timson

  • SP20060204

    In the 1930s at the height of Tallulah Bankhead's fame as a theatre star, Evie Cronin became chief among her gallery girls, young women who religiously attended her every performance, shrieking and cheering the moment she walked on stage.

    Evie, obsessed by the star's flamboyant persona, followed Tallulah's every movement - becoming what today we would call a stalker.

    Tallulah, however, far from being intimidated by this intense, even intrusive adulation, positively welcomed it and invited the younger woman into her household as her secretary.

    The play opens in 1951.

    Tallulah is 49 years old and although her film career has begun to tail off, this has in no way slowed down her wild lifestyle.

    The leading stars of Hollywood attend her infamous parties and Evie works away in the background, inured to decades of her mistress' outrageous behaviour.

    But one day Evie has finally had enough and confronts Tallulah.

    Tallulah Bankhead....Linda Marlowe

    Evie Cronin....Teresa Gallagher

    Senator Fred Morritt....Colin Stinton

    Donald Seawell....Kerry Shale

    Tennesse Williams....William Hope

    Gary Cooper....William Roberts

    Dee Englebeck....Nick Sayce

    Etta...Katherine Kelly.


    By Evelyn Waugh, adapted by Jonathan Holloway.

    Waugh's black comedy set around a Memorial Park in Hollywood among the world of morticians and embalmers.


    By Paul Viragh.

    The playwright draws on his own family's experiences in his drama Cry Hungary.

    In October 1956, thousands of Hungarians rise up against the oppressive Soviet-backed government.

    Peter, a chosen son of the working classes, arrives in Budapest to study at the university.

    He falls in love with Eva, a committed communist.

    When Peter becomes involved in the demonstrations, Eva finds her loyalties severely tested.

    Peter Kovacs....Lee Ingleby

    Eva Toth....Naomi Frederick

    Janos....Christopher Fox

    Imre Toth....Larry Lamb

    Szentendy....Mark Straker

    Istvan....Joseph Kloska

    AVO Officer....Sam Dale

    AVO Sergeant....Paul Richard Biggin

    Boy....Emma Noakes

    Director Toby Swift