Saturday-night Theatre With Intent


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700314]

adapted by FELIX FELTON from the novel by LAURENCE HENDERSON ' You believe in your job Sergeant... you believe in your family. You have friends. You have remembered moments of happiness. All these things give point to your life. Thomas Brockhouse had none of these.'

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by BETTY davies


Adapted By: Felix Felton

Novel By: Laurence Henderson

Unknown: Thomas Brockhouse

Produced By: Betty Davies

Mr Lloyd: James Thomason

PC Toms: Godfrey Kenton

Sgt Newcombe: Alan Dudley

Det-Con Pawson: Sean Arnold

Det-Supt Davies: Hector Ross

Det-Sgt Milton: Felix Felton

Sally Carter: Sonia Fraser

Harry Carter: Wilfrid Carter

Liz Jenkins: Jan Edwards

Christine Wren: Patricia Gallimore

Pinky Price: Malcolm Hayes

Griffen: Brian Haines

Grimaldi: John Ryning

Mr Mitchell: Austin Trevor

Thomas Brockhouse: Brian Hewlett