Saturday-night Theatre The Marquise


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700829]

A romantic comedy by NOEL COWARD with Moira Lister , Peter Pratt and Richard Hurndall

The place, France: the chateau of Raoul. Comte deVriaac. The time, 1735

Produced by betty DAVIES


Comedy By: Noel Coward

Unknown: Moira Lister

Unknown: Peter Pratt

Unknown: Richard Hurndall

The Comte Raoul de Vriaac: Peter Pratt

Esteban, el Duco de Santaguano: Richard Hurndall

Miguel Santa guano: John Rye

Adrienne: Elizabeth Proud

Jacques Riiar: Sean Arnold

Marquise Eloise de Kestournel: Motra Lister

Hubert: James Thomason

Alice: Jo Manning Wilson

Father Clement: Malcolm Hayes