Saturday-night Theatre The Gioconda Smile


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700321]

by ALDOUS HUXLEY adapted for radio by CYNTHIA PUGHE with Noel Johnson and Nicolette Bernard

' It's like somebody who's had to keep everything locked up inside herself - and then suddenly she can let go. You must know what that's like, Henry. Having to hide the thing that's most important to you; being forced to live a lie. Against your will, against all your feelings... '

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by NORMAN WRIGHT (Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Aldous Huxley

Radio By: Cynthia Pughe

Unknown: Noel Johnson

Unknown: Nicolette Bernard

Produced By: Norman Wright

Henry Hutton: Noel Johnson

Janet Spence: Nicolette Bernard

Nurse Braddock: Madi Hedd

Clara, the maid: Jane Knowles

Doris Mead: Deborah Dallas

Dr Libbard: Godfrey Kenton

General Spence: Austin Trevor

Warder: Sean Arnold