Saturday-night Theatre The Burning Of The Grass


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700516]

by JOHN WILKIE with Charles Tingwell as Commander

Brean Clifton Jones as Ngomo Durand A powerful story set in another century, on another planet - but with relevance to earth, here and now...

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: John Wilkie

Unknown: Charles Tingwell

Unknown: Brean Clifton Jones

Unknown: Ngomo Durand

Produced By: Brian Miller

Jodi: Ysanne Churchman

Suren: Elizabeth Bell

Rani: Geoffrey Collins

Verek: Garard Green

Berosov: Hal Jeayes

Myers: Roy Hanlon

Perilli: Gary Hop!