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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700102]

The Seven Year Itch by GEORGE AXELROD adapted by COLIN TUCKER with Hugh Paddick and Toby Robins as Richard as The Girl It's peaceful for a city man in the summer when his family has gone away to the seaside. But when he's been married for 7 years and an attractive girl in the floor above drops a tomato plant on him... I

Produced by GUY VAESEN (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: George Axelrod

Adapted By: Colin Tucker

Unknown: Hugh Paddick

Unknown: Toby Robins

Produced By: Guy Vaesen

Helen Sherman: Margaret Robertson

Dr Brubaker: Aubrey Woods

Tom McKenzie: Ralph Watson

Marie: Jane Knowles

Miss Morris: Sara Coward

Girl Opposite: Elizabeth Proud

Babysitter: Gillian Barge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700103]

Adam's Apple

A Victorian fairy tale by N. C. HUNTER with Henry Blessington is standing for Parliament for the first time when he eats an apple off a venerable and rather mysterious tree in his garden. The result is most unusual

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm)


Unknown: N. C. Hunter

Unknown: Henry Blessington

Produced By: Brian Miller

Henry Blessington: Moray Watson

Philippa Blessington: Betty Huntley-Wright

Penelope: Yvonne Antrobus

Goodbody: Harry Carter

Stephen Binns: Trevor Danby

Lady Parkes: Joan Hickson

Horace Parkes: Stephen Thorne

Sir Edward Parkes MP: Hector Ross

Dr Cathorne-Wetherby: Ronald Russell

Arthur Medlicott: Rex Holdsworth

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700117]

The Summer Queen

The pitiful brief life of Lady Jane Grey who reigned over England for nine days one summer long ago by ALISON PLOWDEN with Rosalind Shanks and Mary Wimbush

Produced by R D. SMITH


Unknown: Lady Jane Grey

Unknown: Rosalind Shanks

Unknown: Mary Wimbush

Produced By: R D. Smith

Lee: Peter Tuddenham

Mrs Partridge: Lynn Carson

Partridge: Patrick Newell

Lady Throckmorton: Nicolette Bernard

Jane: Rosalind Shanks

Winchester: John Wyse

Guildford: Robert Mill

Pembroke: Antony Viccars

Arundel: John Bryning

Northumberland: Leigh Crutchley

Cecil: Peter Tuddenham

Renard: David March

Mary: Mary Wimbush

Gardiner: Garard Green

Wyatt: Michael Deacon

Herald: Leigh Crutchley

Feckenham: Godfrey Kenton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700124]

Nude with Violin by NOEL COWARD adapted for radiobyPEGGYWELLS Aubrey Woods as Sebastien Joyce Carey as Isobel Sorodin Patricia Routledge as Jane

Paris 1956 - Paul Sorodin , the world-famous artist, has just died. His family, gathered together for the funeral, is shocked by the discovery that during his life Sorodin had perpetrated an enormous hoax on the international art world. Only Sebastien, his former valet, knows all the answers...

Produced by GLYN DEARMAN


Unknown: Aubrey Woods

Unknown: Sebastien Joyce Carey

Unknown: Isobel Sorodin

Unknown: Patricia Routledge

Unknown: Paul Sorodin

Produced By: Glyn Dearman

Clinton Preminger Jr: Kerry Francis

Colin: Alan Cuthbertson

Pamela: Margaret Wolfit

Jacob Friedland: Wilfrid Carter

Anya Pavlikov: Betty Huntley-Wright

Cherry-May Waterton: Barbara Mitchell

Lauderdale: Rufus Frampton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700131]

Persuasion by JANE AUSTEN adapted for radio by DENIS CONSTANDUROS with I mean, merely, that the Anne Elliot Captain Wentworth remembers - if he does indeed remember me - was a girl of 19: the Anne Elliot he would find today is a woman of 7-and-20...' Produced by BRIAN MILLER † (Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm) followed by an interlude


Unknown: Jane Austen

Unknown: Denis Constanduros

Produced By: Brian Miller

Anne Elliot: Rosalind Shanks

Sir Walter Elliot: Charles Simon

Captain Wentworth: Jeffry Wickham

Narrator: Hilda Kriseman

Elizabeth Elliot: Jacqueline Rose

Lady Russell: Betty Hardy

Mr Shepherd: Basil Jones

Mary Musgrove: Hilary Newcombe

Mrs Musgrove: Hilda Kriseman

Louisa: Elizabeth Boxer

Henrietta: Elizabeth Archer

Charles Musgrove: Esmond Rideout

Captain Harville: Ivor Roberts

Captain Benwick: Paul Douglas

Mr Elliot: Basil Jones

Mrs Smith: Hilda Kriseman

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700207]

Malice at Autumn's End by JOHN HYATT with John Bentley. Margot Boyd and John Gabriel

• Faith and fear weren'enough for her, oh no. As Maiden of the Coven she put herself above such things. But to keep faith and fear alive in her followers she was ready to commit murder

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by NORMAN WRIGHT (Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm)


Unknown: John Bentley.

Unknown: Margot Boyd

Produced By: Norman Wright

The Rev G K Nicholson: John Bentley

Sister Alice: Margot Boyd

Vera: Margaret Wolfit

Barnard Capper: John Gabriel

Inspector Hegel: Wilfrid Carter

Tom Doyle: Alan Barry

Miss Kraft: Madi Hedd

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700221]

Anna of the Five Towns Repertory in Britain

The Victoria Theatre Company, Stoke-on-Trent, in JOYCE CHEESEMAN 'S adaptation of the novel by ARNOLD BENNETT 'I I cant stand up in public and say " I am for Christ." Not without being uncomfortable. I can'go and kneel at the Communion Rails in front of everybody and confess me sins. And yet I have sinned. I am a lost creature.'

Original stage production by PETER CHEESEMAN

Radio production by ANTHONY CORNISH

(Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm)


Unknown: Joyce Cheeseman

Novel By: Arnold Bennett

Production By: Peter Cheeseman

Production By: Anthony Cornish

Henry Mynors: John Prior

Agnes Tellwright: Jill Lidstone

Anna Tellwright: Gillian Brown

Beatrice Sutton: Susan Tracy

Ephraim Tellwright: Brian Young

Titus Price: Arthur Whybrow

The Revivalist: Christopher Bond

Mrs Sutton: Anne Raitt

Willie Price: Geoffrey Larder

Miss Dickinson: Valerie Lilley

Mr Sutton: Alan David

The Coroner: Christopher Martin

Sirah Vodrey: Carol Mason

Dr Macpherson: Edward Clayton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700307]

The New Rector

The novel by STANLEY WEYMAN dramatised for radio by MOLLIE HARDWICK with Jeremy Clyde as Reginald Lindo and Gabriel Woolf as Stephen Clode 30 October 1879 ' Dear Sir,

We are instructed bv our client, the Right Honourable the Earl of Dynmore, to invite your acceptance of the living of Claversham in the County of Warwick. The living is of the approximate value of E810 per annum and a house.. s'


Produced by GRAHAM GAULD

(Jeremy Clyde is in ' Conduct Unbecoming ' at the Queen's Theatre, London)

(Repeated: Monday, 3.15 pm)

9.58 Weather


Novel By: Stanley Weyman

Unknown: Mollie Hardwick

Unknown: Jeremy Clyde

Unknown: Reginald Lindo

Unknown: Gabriel Woolf

Unknown: Stephen Clode

Produced By: Jeremy Clyde

Mrs Hammond: Cécile Chevreau

Laura Hammond: Alexa Romanes

Jack Rowley: David Enders

Mr Bonamy: Wilfred Babrage

Kate Bonamy: Mary Chester

Daintry Bonamy: Pat Pleasance

Dr Gregg: Roger Delgado

Mrs Baxter ,: Marjorie Forsyth

Felton: Lewis Stringer

The Archdeacon: James Thomason

Lord Dynmore: Haydn Jones

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700328]

Mrs Gibbons ' Boys by WILL GLICKMAN and JOSEPH STEIN with Bessie Love and Douglas Rain Mrs Gibbons is the all-American mum, but her sons can'be said to be a credit to America or to her.

Produced by JANE GRAHAM

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Mrs Gibbons

Unknown: Joseph Stein

Unknown: Bessie Love

Unknown: Douglas Rain

Unknown: Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Gibbons: Bessie Love

Myra: Thelma Whiteley

Mr Rausch: Jeffrey Segal

Rudy Gibbons: Bill Lyons

Charlie Coles: Malcolm Hayes

LesterMacMichaels: Douglas Rain

Woodrow Grupp: Kerry Francis

Frank Gibbons: Edward Bishop

Rodla Gibbons: David Valla

Ernie Wagner: Haydn Jones

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700404]

The Tulip Tree by N. C. HUNTER adapted for radio by PE(;GY WELLS with Rachel Gurney

Noel Johnson , Brian Wilde

I It was different when the boy was alive, when we were all happy here. Now it's just depressing - sinister. All these trees. As soon as I turn into the village, and see the church and this place my heart sinks. I'm sorry, but there it is... '

Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: N. C. Hunter

Unknown: Rachel Gurney

Unknown: Noel Johnson

Unknown: Brian Wilde

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

Clare Elliot: Rachel Gurney

Rupert Tilling: Brian Wilde

Colin Elliot: Noel Johnson

Sarah Elliot: Patricia Gallimore

Robert Elliot: Wilfrid Carter

David Burton: David Spenser

Dr Lennon: Peter Bathurst

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700502]

The Franchise Affair adapted by JOHN HYATT from the novel by JOSEPHINE TEY

' They re the women who gave me the lift, the women who kept me here. And this is the house -I recognise it! '

Cast in order of speaking:

Produced by BETTY DAVIES (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)


Adapted By: John Hyatt

Novel By: Josephine Tey

Produced By: Betty Davies

Roger Kane: Nicholas Edmett

Mrs Kane: Margot Boyd

Betty Kane: Jo Manning Wilson

Robert Blair: John Justin

Marion Sharpe: Madi Hedd

Insp Hallam: Malcolm Hayes

Mrs Sharpe: Grizelda Hervey

Nevil Blair: Frank Duncan

Mrs Blair: Dorothy Lane

Kevin McDermott: Denys Hawthorne

Shirley Glynn: Patricia Gallimore

The Judge: James Thomason

Miles Allison, QC: Godfrey Kenton

Richard Chadwick: Kerry Vrancis

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700523]

Kind Sir by NORMAN KRASNA adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Sarah Lawson and Edward Bishop

Indiscreet was one of the most successful films of the 1950s. Tonight's play is the original of that enjoyable film, which tells the story of Jane Kimball , a famous, beautiful, talented actress, who lacks only one thing -the right man.

Produced by JANE GRAHAM

9.58 Weather


Radio By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Sarah Lawson

Unknown: Edward Bishop

Unknown: Jane Kimball

Annie: Kathleen Helme

Margaret Munson: Pauline Letts

Jane Kimball: Sarah Lawson

Alfred Munson: Jeffrey Segal

Philip Clair: Edward Bishop

Carl Miller: Leonard Fenton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700606]

The Lighthearted Quest by GUY VAESEN from

ANN BRIDGE'S famous novel with Maria Aitken as Julia Probyn , the young and beautiful heroine who embarks on a series of colourful adventures in Morocco in her attempt to trace her missing cousin.

Produced by GUY VAESEN

(Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Maria Aitken

Unknown: Julia Probyn

Mrs Monro: Doreen Andrew

Mrs Mackenzie ,: Aimée Delamain

Mr Maclntyre: Jim Norton

Taxi-driver: Roger Lloyd Pack

Reeder: Michael Harbour

Clerk: Frederick Treves

Scales ROGER: Lloyd Pack

Operator: Michael Harbour

Geoffrey: Robert Swann

Paddy: Jim Norton

Ali: Michael Harbour

Lady Tracy: Aimée Delamain

Purcell: Harold Kasket

Mme La Besse: Doreen Andrew

St John: Austin Trevor

Bathyadis: Frederick Treves

Hotel proprietor: Michael Harbour

Carnforth: Frederick Treves

Colin ROGER: Lloyd Pack

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700613]

Money by EDWARD BULWER-LYTTON adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with John Pullen , John Gabriel A poor scholar inherits a fortune which proves a liability - since he no longer knows who his real friends are and since it threatens to destroy his romance with a poor cousin who loves him for himself alone.

London - 1840

Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Radio By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: John Pullen

Unknown: John Gabriel

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Sir John Vesey: John Gabriel

Georgina Vesey: Valerie Kirkbright

Lady Franklin: Margaret Wolfit

Clara Douglas: Patricia Leventon

Alfred Evelyn: John Pullen

Sir Frederick Blount: Sean Arnold

Lord Glossmore: Hector Ross

Benjamin StOUt: Clifford Norgate

Henry Graves: Godfrey Kenton

Mr Sharp: James Thomason

Mr Crimson: Frederick Treves

Mr Grab: Jamesthomason

Captain Dudley Smooth: Malcolm Hayes

Mr Tabouret: Frederick Treves

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700620]

The Days That Are Gone A memoir of the Busson-du Maurier family based on the books of DAPHNE DU MAURIER and adapted as two plays for radio by PHILIP LEAVER

1: The Blowing of the Glass with David Buck and Jane Wenham From their 18th-century French ancestors, the Busson-du Mauriers were to inherit talents far removed from the ancient craft of glass-blowing, practised by generations of the family.


Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL (Jane Wenham is a National Theatre Player)

(Repeated: Monday. 3.0 pm. The second play, ' The Fire in the Glass Saturday 11 July)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Daphne du Maurier

Radio By: Philip Leaver

Unknown: David Buck

Unknown: Jane Wenham

Unknown: Jonty Miller.

Unknown: Godfrey Kenton

Unknown: James Thomason

Produced By: Archie Campbell

Narrator: Barbara Bliss

Mathurin Busson: Frederick Treves

Madeleine, his wife: Cecile Chevreau

Robert, their eldest son: David Buck

Pierre and Michel, their younger Sons: Alan Barry

Pierre and Michel, their younger Sons: John Rye

Michela as boy: Imon Sturner

Sophie, their daughter: Jane Wenham

Sophie, a child: Audrey Murray

Cathie: Patricia Gallimore

Edmi: Deborah Dallas

Louis XV: John Gabriel

Marie- Francoise: Margaret Wolfit

Madame de Luart: Mary Allen

Francois Duval: John Bentley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700704]

Murder a la Mode The novel by PATRICIA adapted for radio by BETTY DAVIES with Rupert Davies

The world of fashion journalism is hectic. colourful, and slightly unreal. But not, as a rule. murderous...

The staff of Style magazine:' and Produced by BETTY DAVIES

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Betty Davies

Unknown: Rupert Davies

Produced By: Betty Davies

Margery French Editor: Joan Mathkson

Rachel Field, her secretary: Barbara Bolton

Helen Pankhurst: Margaret Wolfit

Teresa Masters: Monica Grey

Patrick Walsh: Barry Keegan

Donald McKay: Nigel Lambert

Olwen Piper: Jo Mannlng Wilson

Michael Healy: Michael Spice

Ernest Jenkins: Brian Hewlett

Godfrey Goring Managing Director: John Bentley

The others involved:: Veronica Spence

model: Elizabeth Proud

Nicholas Knight, dress designer: John Rye

Horace Barry manufacturer: John Gabriel

Dr Markham: Godfrey Kenton

Sir James Braithwaite: Malcolm Hayes

Mrs Goring: Margo Johns

Mrs O'Reilly: Kathleen Helme

Fashion Commentator: Jill Cary

Chief Inspector: Henry Tibbett

Chief Inspector: Rupert Davics

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700711]

The Days That Are Gone A memoir of the Busson-du Maurier family based on the books of DAPHNE DU MAURIER and adapted as two plays for radio by PHILIP LEAVER

2: The Fire in the Glass

Despite their upbringing as French emigrants in London, the du Mauriers were to rediscover their roots and develop their artistic talents in the congenial bohemianism of mid-19th'century Paris.

The action moves between London. Paris, and Germany within the years 1811-1863.

Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Radio By: Philip Leaver

Produced By: Archie Campbell

Narrator: Barbara Bliss

Mary Ann Clark: Patricia Laffan

Ellen, her daughter: Margaret Wedlake

George, her son (Captain Clark): Frederick Treves

Georgina, his young wife: Elizabeth Proud

Louis Mathurin du Maurier: Michael Spice

a child Louis Mathurin: Adam Richardson

Louise, his sister,: Judith Coke

Mme Pousard a schoolmistress.: Margaret Wolfit

Eugenie St Just, a pupil: Jane Knowles

Godfrey Wallace, an interloper: Ian Lubbock

Mme Rosiau: Cécile Chevreau

Mme Duval (Aunt Sophie): Gladys Spencer

George du Maurier (Kicky), son of Louis Mathurin and Ellen: Nigel Lambert

Emma Wightwick: Dorit Welles

Dr Van Lerius: Sean Arnold

German oculist: Andrew Sachs

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700725]

Holiday in Spala by ROYCE RYTON adapted for radio by ALISON PLOWDEN with Rachel Gurney , Noel Johnson and Patricia Gallimore

The action of the play takes place in the hall of Spala. the Tsar's small shooting lodge in Poland, where the Imperial family would go for a quiet holiday. It is October 1912.

(For cast see Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Royce Ryton

Radio By: Alison Plowden

Unknown: Rachel Gurney

Unknown: Noel Johnson

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700815]

The Tides of Chance by ARNOLD RIDLEY adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Joan Matheson and Alan Wheatley

While the Lomax family, in-laws, and friends are staying in a seaside bungalow, various personal traumas come to life. But an unexpected crisis radically changes the scene.

Cast in order of speaking:


9.58 Weather


Unknown: Arnold Ridley

Radio By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Joan Matheson

Unknown: Alan Wheatley

Penny Marlow: Jo Manning Wilson

Mrs Ramsay: Kathleen Helme

Derek Lester: Leslie Heritage

John Lomax: Alan Wheati Ey

Toby Lomax: Sean Arnold

Marion Lomax: Joan Matheson

Donald McKay: Don McKillop

Paul Lomax: Michael McClain

Janet Hastings: Sonia Fraser

Dr Pearson: Hector Ross

Sheila McKay: Elizabeth Proud

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700822]

Hornblower and the Crisis

The posthumous novel by c. s. FORESTER adapted for radio by VAL GIELGUD who introduces the play with John Westbrook and John Bennett

The year is 1805 - shortly before the Battle of Trafalgar.

Lord Barham, First Lord of the Admiralty.NORMAN SHELLEY


Special effects by DAVID FLEMING -WILLIAMS in conjunction with the Sail Training Association Produced by TREVOR HILL (from Manchester)

(Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

(Why the last Hornblower story will never be told: p 14)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Val Gielgud

Unknown: John Westbrook

Unknown: John Bennett

Unknown: David Fleming

Produced By: Trevor Hill

Hornblower, as a retired Admiral and as a young Captain: John Westbrook

Lieutenant Bush: John Bennett

Captain James Meadows: John McGregor

Captain Baddlestone, of the water-hoy Princess: Wilfred Harrison

Court of Enquiry: Roy Barraclough

Mr Prowse, the Sailing-Master: Joseph Holmes

A boy at Plymouth: Ronald Harvi

Admiral Foster, the Port-Admiral: Graham Tennant

Maria Hornblower: Vida Paterson

Mr Marsden, Secretary to the Board of Admiralty.: John Blain

Mr Dorsey: Ronald Harvi

Mr Barrow: David Mahlowe

Dr Claudius, the forger: Colin Edwynn

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700905]

The Volunteer by GILES COOPER with John Rye , Brian Haines and Patricia Gallimore

Outbreaks of arson in 1956 in car parks all over the country involve the Territorial Army-and Jim Saxby from Yorkshire.

Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX (Leonard- Fenton is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co) (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm) followed by an interlude

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Giles Cooper

Unknown: John Rye

Unknown: Brian Haines

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Unknown: Jim Saxby

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Miss Marbole: Kathleen Helme

Lieut Jim Saxby: John Rye

Cpl Sparrow: Leonard Fenton

Col Houghton, CO: John Bentley

Adjutant: Brian Hewlett

Lieut Peter Brett: Leslie Heritage

Major Rayburn: Brian Haines

Ted: Edward Kelsey

Mary Nicholls: Patricia Gallimore

Mavis: Susan Edmonstone

Sergeant-Major: Kerry Francis

Miss Rayburn: Margot Boyd

Landlord: Cyril Shaps

Major Warner: Clifford Norgate

Cpl Cheeseman: Gerald Cross

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700919]

Dr Angelus by JAMES BRIDIE with Tom Fleming

There are no coroners in Scotland. Why should there be an inquest? I'm satisfied. Sir Gregory Butt is satisfied. Aren'you satisfied? '



Unknown: James Bridie

Unknown: Tom Fleming

Unknown: Sir Gregory Butt

Produced By: Gordon Emslie

Dr Angelus: Tom Fleming

Dr Johnson: Ronald Bain

Mrs Corcoran: Eileen McCallum

Mrs Angelus: Jean Faulds

Jeanie: Mary Riggans

Sir Gregory Butt,: Leon Sinden

Inspector Maclvor: Walter Carr

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700926]

A Shred of Evidence by R. C. SHERRIFF with Denys Hawthorne and Susan Engel

Richard Medway has drunk a little too much at a rugby reunion dinner, but he still drives home afterwards. The next morning he hears that a man has been killed by a ' hit and run ' driver. Could he be the guilty party?

Produced by MARTIN JENKINS (Antony Higginson is in ' Blind-sight ' at the Westminster Theatre. London)

(Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: R. C. Sherriff

Unknown: Denys Hawthorne

Unknown: Susan Engel

Unknown: Richard Medway

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Produced By: Antony Higginson

Richard Medway: Denys Hawthorne

Laura Medway: Susan Engel

John Cartwright: Hugh Dickson

Inspector Beecroft: Charles Simon

Tom Foster: Geoffrey Matthews

Bennett: Antony Higginson

Mrs Bennett: Barbara Bliss

Man in the train: Roger Sansom

Man in the office: Roger Sansom

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701003]

Don'Listen Ladies by STEPHEN powys and GUY BOLTON from the French of SACHA GUITRY adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Moira Lister Norman Shelley and Marjorie Westbury

' Don'listen ladies, I beg of you. Don'listen! I am talking to men... '


9.58 Weather


Unknown: Stephen Powys

Unknown: Guy Bolton

Unknown: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Moira Lister

Unknown: Norman Shelley

Unknown: Marjorie Westbury

Daniel Bachelet: Norman Shelley

Henriette jo: Manning Wilson

Madeleine: Moira Lister

Pierre Blandinet: John Rye

Julie Bille-en-Bois: Marjorie Westbury

Valentine: Cécile Chevreau

Porter: Patrick Tull

Michel Aubrion: Peter Tuddenham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701010]

Death of an Escapologist by DAVID WILLIAMS with Michael Forrest and Liane Aukin

Kurt Schiller 's trade was a dangerous one - dropping to the ocean bed in a canvas sack fettered by chains and freeing himself in time to surface triumphantly a few minutes later. But one day he drops - and never surfaces. Accident - or something more sinister? It's a problem for Ross. hard-drinking private eye from a world rather less glossy than that of his screen equivalents.



Produced by BETTY DAVIES (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: David Williams

Unknown: Michael Forrest

Unknown: Liane Aukin

Unknown: Kurt Schiller

Unknown: Jo Manning Wilson

Unknown: Edward Kelsey

Unknown: Godfrey Kenton

Unknown: Clifford Norgate

Unknown: Frederick Treves

Produced By: Betty Davies

Sharon Radcliffe: Liane Aukin

Jane Radcliffe: Eva Haddon

ROSS: Michael Forrest

Stanley Weston: Patrick Toll

Max Hellfer: Michael McClain

Det-Sgt Purnell: Michael Kilgarriff

Frank Radcliffe: Alan Dudley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701017]

Dark Eagle

A play for radio based on the life and career of Benedict Arnold by VAL GIELGUD with William Squire as Benedict Arnold

'The Dark Eagle will soar aloft to the sun. Nations will behold him and sound his praises. Yet when he soars highest his fall is most certain. When his wings brush the sky, then the arrow will pierce his heart.' (The Indian Natanis to Arnold at their first meeting)

Joshua Smith....JOHN GABRIEL Major Tallmadge.KERRY FRANCIS Richard Varick....SEAN ARNOLD Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY † (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

(Martin Jarvis is in ' Divorce in Chancery' at the New Theatre. Bromley)


Unknown: Benedict Arnold

Unknown: Val Gielgud

Unknown: William Squire

Unknown: Benedict Arnold

Unknown: Joshua Smith.

Unknown: John Gabriel

Unknown: Richard Varick.

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

Unknown: Martin Jarvis

Peggy Arnold: Patricia Gallimore

Capt George Stanhope: John Rye

Gen George Washington: Cyril Shaps

Gen Schuyler: George Hagan

Gen Charles Lee: Malcolm Hayes

Gen Antony Wayne: Sean Arnold

Edward Shippen: Stuart Nichol

Gen Knox: John Bentley

Gen Gest: Jonathan Scott

Gen Sir Henry Clinton: Hector Ross

Major John Andre: Martin Jarvis

John Stansbury: Peter Tuddenham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701024]

The Rainmaker by N. RICHARD NASH : adapted for radio by PEGGY WELLS with Margaret Robertson and David Healy

The action passes in a Western State of the USA on a summer day in a time of drought.

Produced bv NORMAN WRIGHT (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

(David Blagden is in ' Fiddler on the Roof ' at Her Majesty's Theatre. London)


Unknown: N. Richard Nash

Radio By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Margaret Robertson

Unknown: David Healy

Unknown: Norman Wright

Unknown: David Blagden

Noah Curry: Peter Marinker

H C Curry: David Bauer

Jim Curry: David Blagden

Lizzie Curry: Margaret Robertson

Sheriff: George Margo

File: Kerry Francis

Bill Starbuck: David Healy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701031]

Vile Bodies

A radio play by BARRY CAMPBELL from the novel by EVELYN WAUGH with John Standing , Lynn Redgrave and Anna Cropper

The Bright Young Things of the late 20s in a world that vanished before the last war. Time: 1928. Place: mainly London

Produced by R. d. SMITH

(Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

(Lynn Redgrave is in ' The Two of Us ' at the Garrick Theatre. London)


Play By: Barry Campbell

Novel By: Evelyn Waugh

Unknown: John Standing

Unknown: Lynn Redgrave

Unknown: Anna Cropper

Mrs Ape: Margaret Robertson

Faith: Patricia Gallimore

Agatha Runciple: Lynn Redgrave

Customs man: Sean Arnold

Fr Rothschild: Gerald Cross

Adam: John Standing

Customs chief: Malcolm Hayes

Miles Malpractice: Richard Griffiths

Benfleet, a publisher: Leo Maguire

Nina: Anna Cropper

Lottie: Julia Lang

Judge: Malcolm Hayes

Major: Alan Lawrance

Rich young man: Sean Arnold

Lord Balcairn: Ian Lubbock

Mrs Brown: Pauline Wynn

The Prime Minister: Gerald Cross

Colonel Blount: Anthony Jacobs

Mrs Florin: Lynn Carson

Margot Metroland: Carol Boyer

Divine Discontent: Diana Robson

Chastity: Elizabeth Morgan

Lord Metroland: Malcolm Hayes

Social editress: Grizelda Hervey

Ginger Littlejohn: Sean Arnold

Matron: Diana Robson

Rector: Gerald Cross

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701107]

Journey's End by R. C. SHERRIFF adapted by PETER WATTS

This is probably the most famous and successful war play of all time. It is set in a dug-out in the British front line in March, 1918.


9.58 Weather


Unknown: R. C. Sherriff

Adapted By: Peter Watts

Captain Stanhope: Martin Jarvis

Osborne: Garard Green

Trotter: Kevin Brennan

Hibbert: Michael Harbour

Raleigh: Derek Seaton

Colonel: Richard Hurndall

Sergeant Major: John Bentley

Mason: Malcolm Haves

Hardy: John Graham

German soldier: Patrick Tull

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701114]

Edgar and Charles by BARRY PEROWNE withand

There is much in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire to suggest that their affinity may have been based on an actual meeting. But where and when?

Lute player ANTHEA GIFFORD Produced by GUY VAESEN (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Barry Perowne

Unknown: Edgar Allan Poe

Unknown: Charles Baudelaire

Unknown: Anthea Gifford

Produced By: Guy Vaesen

Edgar Allan Poe: Lewis Fiander

Charles Baudelaire: Georges Lambert

Duprez: Frank Barrie

Barman (New York): Patrick Tull

Nate: Aubrey Woods

Mag: Sonia Fraser

Sam: Peter Tuddenham

Dr Halloran: Gerald Cross

Virginia (Sis): Sara Coward

Mrs Clemm (Muddie): Betty Huntley-Wright

Rabey: Frank Barrie

Sir Bartle Mole: Patrick Tull

Eleanor: Jane Knowles

Sauvagnac: Gerald Cross

Gen Aupick: Peter Tuddenham

Ancelle: Leslie Heritage

Caroline: Betty Huntley-Wright

Ladv Casteign: Sonia Fraser

Kate: Sara Coward

Champfleury: Leslie Heritage

O'Neddy: Frank Barrie

Eugene Sue: Aubrey Woods

De Banville: Peter Tuddenham

Landlord (Grenoble): Patrick Tull

Laboine: Frank Barrie

Sister Monique: Betty Huntley-Wright

Jeanne Duval: Margaret Robertson

Nathaniel P Willis: Peter Tuddenham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701212]

Remains To Be Seen A new play for radio by JOHN HYATT with Patricia Gallimore

John Bentley and Noel Hood

On the eve of the transfer of St Wilfrid's remains from the village in which he is buried to the Cathedral in a nearby town, the relics are found to have disappeared...

Cast in order of speaking

Other parts RlCHARD GRIFFITHS Produced by NORMAN WRIGHT (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

9.58 Weather


Unknown: John Hyatt

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Unknown: John Bentley

Unknown: Noel Hood

Produced By: Norman Wright

Canon Matlock: Hector Ross

Miss Chant: Noel Hood

Ruth Matlock: Margot Boyd

Sowerbutts: Edward Kelsey

Noel Gilchrist: Patricia Gallimore

Peregrine Small: John Bentley

The Rev Michael Paten: Sean Arnold

Miss Constable: Dorothy Lane

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701219]

The Mourning Raga

The novel by ELLIS PETERS adapted for radio by BETTY DAVIES A trip to India, taking a 14-year-old girl to the father she hadn't seen for ten years, sounded an exciting way to spend Christmas. But for Tossa and Dominic it turned out a terrifying experience...


Produced by BETTY DAVIES (Repeated: Monday, 3.0 pm)

(Harry Towb is in ' Dial M for Mulder ' at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford)


Novel By: Ellis Peters

Unknown: Betty Davies

Unknown: Sean Arnold

Unknown: Mohan Singh

Unknown: Viram Jasani

Produced By: Betty Davies

Unknown: Harry Towb

Tossa: Patricia Gallimore

Dominic: Sean Barrett

Dorette: Madi Hedd

AnjH: Elizabeth Proud

Felder: Harry Towb

Ashok: David Spenser

Govind Das: Saaed Jaffrey

Kamala: Heather Emmanuel

Kishan Singh: Tariq Yunus

Vasudev: Garard Green

Police Officer: Nenu Satna

The Swami: Carleton Hobbs

Girish: Sam Dastor

Kumar: Roger Snowdon

Shantila JO: Manning Wilson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701226]

The Tenth Man by SOMERSET MAUGHAM adapted by PEGGY WELLS with Clifford Norgate

Patricia Gallimore , Hector Ross Carleton Hobbs

George Winter had built a fortune on a simple premise-nine men out of ten are either rogues or fools. But had he thought that one day the tenth man might cross his path?

Produced by DAVID GEARY


Unknown: Somerset Maugham

Adapted By: Peggy Wells

Unknown: Clifford Norgate

Unknown: Patricia Gallimore

Unknown: Hector Ross

Unknown: Carleton Hobbs

Unknown: George Winter

Produced By: David Geary

Lord Francis Etchingham: Hector Ross

Lady Etchingham: Joan Matheson

Catherine Winter: Patricia Gallimore

George Winter: Clifford Norgate

Anne Etchingham: Venetia Maxwell

Edward O'Donell: David Robb

Thompson: Patrick Tull

Robert Colby: Peter Williams

Frederick Bennett: Martin Friend

The Prime Minister: Carleton Hobbs

Swalecliffe: Michael Kilgarriff

Ford: Gerald Cross

Colonel Boyce: Charles Simon

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880102]

The Baikie Charivari

A Miracle Play by JAMES BRIDIE Clive Morton with Marjorie Westbury and James McKechnie

Music composed and arranged by DAVID DORWARD and played by HARRY MACANESPIE (trumpet) JOHN WIGGINS (piccolo)

WILLIAM WHITFORD (percussion) Adapted and directed by STEWART CONN. BBC Scotland (First broadcast in 1964) (Re-broadcast on Monday at 3. 00pm)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880102]

Play By: James Bridie

Play By: Clive Morton

Unknown: Marjorie Westbury

Unknown: James McKechnie

Arranged By: David Dorward

Played By: Harry MacAnespie

Unknown: John Wiggins

Unknown: William Whitford

Directed By: Stewart Conn.

De'il: James McKechnie

The Rev Dr Marcus Beadle: Bryden Murdoch

Cllr John Ketch: James Gavigan

Toby Messan: Stuart Mungall

Lady Pounce-Pellott: Marjorie Westbury

Sir James MacArthur Pounce-Pellot KCIE: Clive Morton

Joe Mascara: Walter Carr

Baby: June Andrews

Dr Jean Pothecary: Madeleine Christie

Lady Maggie Revenant: Sheila Latimer

Mrs Jemima Lee Crowe: Tucker McGuire

Robert Copper: John Young

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880109]

Miss High Heels by ROB GITTINS with Morgan was never a very good policeman. Now retired, he leaps at the chance of investigating a murder and plunges into deep waters that finally threaten to drown him.

Directed on location in Cardiff by ADRIAN MOURBY BBC Wales. Stereo

(Re-broadcast on Monday at 3. 00pm)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880109]

Unknown: Rob Gittins

Ex-DC Robert Morgan: Ray Smith

Yorkie: Howell Evans

Elizabeth Foster: Patricia Napier

McCowan: Christopher Reich

Eedes: Bernard Latham

Mrs Allenby: Jan Edwards

Insp Clifford: Victor Winding

Irish Micky: Terry Jackson

Petselli: Dorien Thomas

Karen: Marilyn Le Conte

Eric/George: Eamonn Collinge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880116]

Lady in the Way by BRUCE STEWART with When Jane's husband is found dead in a motel room in the Blue Mountains, she has no one in Australia to befriend her. The inquest concludes that Alan committed suicide, but Jane is convinced that it was murder.

Directed by SHAUN MACLOUGHLIN BBC Bristol. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880116]

Unknown: Bruce Stewart

Directed By: Shaun MacLoughlin

Jane Dacre: Karen Ford

Toni: Annportus

Insp Loukakis: Rogerleach

Kirsty: Mary MacLoughlin

Paula: Sarah O'Keefe

Ross/Coroner: Anthony Jackson

Clerk/Patrolman: David Goodland

Sing: Burt Kwouk

Marcus: Bruce Stewart

Gloria: Angela Phillips

Billy: Stephen Tompktnson

Marge: June Barrie

Folksinger: Samantha Howard

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880123]


This wicked comedy is set in pre-history when the balance of power between the sexes was altogether different. A wonderful time, when the women ruled the roost with a rod of iron. Then Tom the Thinker asks a question: 'Are the men playing a part in the continuation ofthe species?' Blasphemy!

Directed by SUSAN HOGG BBC Manchester Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880123]

Unknown: Diana Griffiths

Directed By: Susan Hogg

Jess the Jewel: Jane Hazelgrove

Tom the Thinker: Neil Caple

Mag the Magic: Meg Wynn Owen

Ken the Killer: Peter Rumney

Mum: Pam Ferris

Dad: Malcolm Hebden

Old Jess: Joan Campion

Old Tom: Randal Herley

Brag: Paulcodman

Child: Susan Sheridan

Barman: Robert Whelan

Harpist: Davydd Huw Jones

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880130]

Our Roman Cousins by BRUCE STEWART with and Two hundred years ago, Charles Edward Stuart died. You will remember him as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie '. But this play takes you far beyond the glorious prince to the man who, unfortunately, survived the legend.

LES THATCHER (mandolin)

Directed by DAVID JOHNSTON. Stereo (Re-broadcast on Monday at 3. OOpm)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19880130]

Unknown: Bruce Stewart

Unknown: Charles Edward Stuart

Unknown: Bonnie Prince Charlie

Directed By: David Johnston.

Charles Edward Stuart: Lain Cuthbertson

Henry Stuart: Jack May

Horace Mann: David March

Charlotte Stuart: Emily Richard

Cardinal Albani: Paul Sirr

PiUS VI: Lockwood West

Clement XIII: Michael Bilton

Clement XIV: David Garth

Louise Maximillienne: Oona Beeson

Signor Alfieri: Peter Craze

Messenger/Servant/Papal attendant: Steve Hodson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900106]

Unknown: John Lucarotti.

Unknown: Mary Simpson.

Directed By: Shaun MacLoughlin

Horatio Nelson: Graham Blockey

Mary Simpson: Susan Sheridan

Davison: Christian Rodska

Bromwich: Joe Dunlop

Worth: Andrew Hilton

Bailey: William Eedle

Carver: Ian Targett

Warden: Eric Allen

Col Simpson: John Moffatt

Mrs Simpson: Denise Briars

Maj Prentice: Ian Michie

Despard: John Bull

Helen: Jenny Hull

Ganger: Pavel Douglas

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900113]

Unknown: Derek Wilson.

Unknown: Henri Pranzini

Unknown: Peggy Ann Wood

Unknown: Jo Anderson

Unknown: Dominic Rickhards

Unknown: Hedley Goodall.

Directed By: Andy Jordan

Hector Porteus: Peter Jeffrey

Inspector Tailleur: Christopher Ettridge

Giles Danvers: Cornelius Garrett

Phillip Delamain: Graham Poutney

Regine de Montille: Barbara Kellerman

Henri Pranzini: Christian Rodska

Magistrate Guillot: Jack Watson

Inspector Ceccaldi: Phillip Manikum

Mme Fontaine: Joanne MacKie

Maitre Demange: John Moffatt

Prosecutor: Stephen Lyons

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900120]

Novel By: Peter Lovesey

Dramatised By: Geoffrey M. Matthews.

Unknown: Timothy West

Unknown: Albert Edward

Unknown: Stephen Garlick

Directed By: Matthew Walters.

Buckfast: Colin Starkey

Knollys: John Moffatt

Alix: Marcia King

Carrie Montrose: Margaret Courtenay

Baird: Simon Treves

Sykes: Geoffrey Whttehead

Myrtle: Jane Slavin

Sir Charles: David King

Fred Archer/Doctor: Vincent Brimble

Coroner/MC: Michael Kilgarriff

Woodburn/Cocky: Danny Schiller

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900127]

Unknown: N. C. Hunter.

Directed By: Graham Gauld

Helen Lancaster: Marjorie Westbury

Mrs Whyte: Mary Wimbush

MrsAshworth: Patricia Hayes

Evelyn: Rosalind Shanks

Julius Winterhalter: Martin Jarvis

Robert Lancaster: ,john Pullen

Tonetta: Pauline Siddle

Mrs Daly: Jane Wenham

John: Alex Jennings

Col Selby: Michael Bilton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900203]

Unknown: Julia Schofield.

Directed By: Jane Morgan

Jean: Sylvestra Le Touzel

Tim: Stephen Tompkinson

Tom: Michael Graham Cox

John Redman: Geoffrey Whitehead

Mum: Diana Bishop

Sarah: Alice Arnold

Mrs Daniels: Jo Kendall

Police Sgt: David King

PC Connors: David Goudge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900210]

Unknown: John Buchan

Dramatised By: Peter Buckman.

Unknown: Jimmy Chisholm

Unknown: Michael Elder.

Unknown: Crawford Logan

Unknown: David McKail

Unknown: Alexander Morton

Unknown: Sandy Neilson

Unknown: John Shedden.

Directed By: Patrick Rayner

Richard Hannay: David Rintoul

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900217]

Unknown: Dave Dick.

Directed By: Michael Fox

Barry: Pearce Quigley

Azi: Amerjit Deu

Karen: Judy Brooke

Mother: Ann Rye

Det Insp: Robin Polley

Croupier/Fat lady: Pam Buckle

Sailor: Mohammed Ashiq

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900224]

Novel By: Mervyn Wall

Adapted By: Christina Reid.

Directed By: Eoin O'Callaghan

Gertie: Fenella Fielding

Satan: Timothy Bateson

Fursey: John Hewitt

Albert: Richard Howard

Grey Mare: Ann Manahan

Cuthbert: Birdy Sweeney

Bishop Flanagan: Maurice O'Callaghan

Fr Furiosus: Gerry McSorley

King Cormac: Joe McPartland

Maeve: Annalivla Ryan

Magnus: B J Hogg

Abbot: Louis Rolston

Servant: Maureen Dow

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900303]

Unknown: Stephen Wyatt.

Harpsichord: Martin Goldstein

Director: Richard Buckham

Rossini: Stephen Garlick

Barbaja: Steve Hodson

Isabella Colbran: Mellnda Walker

King Ferdinand: David King

Duke of Ventignano: John Moffatt

Organgrinder: Michael Kilgarriff

Medici: Joe Dunlop

Nozzart: Danny Schiller

Alboni: Nicholas Gilbrook

Duchess of Floridia: Anna Cropper

General Pepe: Michael Siberry

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900310]

Unknown: Ellis Peters

Dramatised By: Alan Downer.

Unknown: Glyn Houston.

Unknown: Brother Cadfael

Director: Gerry Jones

Brother Cadfael: Glyn Houston

Godith Adeney: Jane Slavin

King Stephen/Prior Robert: Richard Tate

Gilbert Prestcotel Brother Louis: John Moffatt

Adam Courcelle: Geoffrey Whitehead

Aline Siward: Joan Walker

Hugh Beringar: Ken Cumberlidge

Edric Flesher/Brother Anselm: Brian Miller

Petronilla Flesher: Dilys Laye

Torold Blund: Paul Downing

Lame Osbem/Boy: Ian Targett

Brother Oswald: David Goudge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900324]

Unknown: Paul Thain.

Unknown: Terry Molloy

Unknown: Heather Bell.

Unknown: Dick Mills

Korvack: Terry Molloy

Norma: Heather Bell

Gordinni: Don Fellows

Lucky I Commander: Roger Hume

Hurley ILeo: Joe Dunlop

Conrad/Inspector: Sean Barrett

Darren/Frackie: Paul Downing

Slater I US agent: Christopher Good

Sam/Doctor: John Bull

Billy/Tramp: John Dixon

Enrico/Maxie: Edwin Richfield

Computer voice! Police control: Jo Kendall

US agent: Marcia King

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900331]

Unknown: Stuart Kerr.

Unknown: Stephen Tompkinson

Unknown: Paul Angelis

Unknown: Julia Ford.

Unknown: Elizabeth Mansfield

Unknown: Ben Onwukwe

Strudwick: Stephen Tompkinson

'Methodical' John Jackson: Paul Angelis

Sharon: Julia Ford

Sid: Brian Glover

Ken: Kenneth MacDonald

Julie: Sue Broomfield

Frank Strudwick: David King

lisa Jackson: Joan Walker

Alan: Donald Gee

Fireman: James Greene

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900407]

Unknown: Colin Haydn Evans.

Unknown: Charles Ii.

Wells: Bill Wallis

Charles II: Christopher Good

Titus Oates: Steve Hodson

Godfrey: William Eedle

Catherine: Marcia King

Mary of York: Kate Lynn Evans

Shaftesbury: Eric Allen

Pembroke: Norman Eshley

Israel Tonge: John Bull

Coleman: John Moffatt

Scroggs: Cornelius Garrett

Prance: Vincent Brimble

Walters: Anthony Jackson

Coroner: Peter Copley

Elizabeth Coleman: Janet Dale

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900414]

Unknown: Noel Coward.

Pianist: Geoffrey Brawn

Director: Graham Gauld

Bonita: Josephine Gordon

Cora: Evelyn Laye

Maud: Audrey Leybourne

May: Mary Ellis

Deirdre: Mary Wimbush

Estelle: Ursula Hirst

Almina: Joan Matheson

Perry: David Griffin

Miss Archie: Jill Balcon

Osgood: Alan Wheatley

Lotta: Dinah Sheridan

Dora: June Spencer

Doreen: Alice Arnold

Sarita: Patricia Hayes

Zelda: Hannah Gordon

Dr Jevons: Peter Craze

Alan: David Goudge

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900421]

Unknown: Terence Rattigan

Adapted By: Bridget Marrow.

Unknown: Sian Phillips

Unknown: Michael Bryant

Unknown: Anna Massey

Unknown: Alan Lake.

Unknown: Emma Lady

Emma Hamilton: Sian Phillips

Nelson: Michael Bryant

Lady Nelson: Anna Massey

Capt Hardy: Alan Lake

George Matcham Snr: Michael Spice

Katherine Matcham: Judy Franklin

George Matcham: David McAlister

Lord Barham: Alan Dudley

Lord Minto: Nicholas Courtney

Betsy: Diana Bishop

Capt Blackwood: Geoffrey Beevers

Francesca: Patience Tomlinson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900428]

Unknown: David Pownall.

Director: Martin Jenkins

Arthur: Richard Tate

Nancy, his wife: Elizabeth Estensen

Ruby, his mother: Sheila Fay

Rory, his son: Paul Downing

Miroslav: Robert Glenister

Miroslav's father: John Gabriel

Cllr Murphy: Ken Jones

Insp Harrison: Dale Rapley

Moira: Valerie Griffiths

Josie: Joan Paton

Harold: Donald Gee

Bob: Nigel Graham

Customer: Ben Onwukwe

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900505]

The Little Father by Royce Ryton.

With Paul Daneman Dorothy Tutin.

By 1872 the 'little father' of the Russian people finds himself as hated by his own family as he is by his subjects.

Director Matthew Walters


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900505]

Unknown: Royce Ryton.

Unknown: Paul Daneman

Unknown: Dorothy Tutin.

Director: Matthew Walters

Tsar Alexander II: Paul Daneman

Empress: Dorothy Tutin

Marie: Tara Dominick

Serge;;: Simon Treves

Alexey: Stephen Garlick

Col Ryleev: Michael Kilgarriff

Affie: Vincent Brimble

Countess Tolstoy: Jo Kendall

Ella: Oona Beeson

Catherine: Marcia King

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900505]

Unknown: Royce Ryton.

Unknown: Paul Daneman

Unknown: Dorothy Tutin.

Director: Matthew Walters

Tsar Alexander II: Paul Daneman

Empress: Dorothy Tutin

Marie: Tara Dominick

Serge;;: Simon Treves

Alexey: Stephen Garlick

Col Ryleev: Michael Kilgarriff

Affie: Vincent Brimble

Countess Tolstoy: Jo Kendall

Ella: Oona Beeson

Catherine: Marcia King

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900512]

Badger by Owl-Light by Edward Boyd (1916-89). 'I'll go hunt the badger by owl-light; 'tis a deed of darkness.... '

('The Duchess of Malfi')

Director Stewart Conn BBC Scotland (R)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900512]

Unknown: Edward Boyd

Director: Stewart Conn

Peter Talkm: Edward Judd

Simon: Tony Robinson

Sarah: Anne Kristen

David: Andrew McRobb

Esther: Diana Olsson

Ginny: Nicola Ferguson-Smith

Hardekker: James Cairncross

Barman: Crawford Logan

Ivor: Michael MacKenzie

Jenny: Sarah Collier

Jason: Ian Stewart

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900512]

Unknown: Edward Boyd

Director: Stewart Conn

Peter Talkm: Edward Judd

Simon: Tony Robinson

Sarah: Anne Kristen

David: Andrew McRobb

Esther: Diana Olsson

Ginny: Nicola Ferguson-Smith

Hardekker: James Cairncross

Barman: Crawford Logan

Ivor: Michael MacKenzie

Jenny: Sarah Collier

Jason: Ian Stewart

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900519]

Director Tony Cliff BBC North. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900519]

Unknown: Adam Peterson.

Director: Tony Cliff

Tommy: Derek Howard

Roger: Christopher Quinn

Sheila: Sue Jenkins

Bill Randall: Ray Dunbobbin

Bike trader: Laurence Kenny

Harry: John Branwell

DHSS woman: Deborah Hawkes

Old man at DHSS: William Maxwell

Mechanic: Paul Codman

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900519]

Unknown: Adam Peterson.

Director: Tony Cliff

Tommy: Derek Howard

Roger: Christopher Quinn

Sheila: Sue Jenkins

Bill Randall: Ray Dunbobbin

Bike trader: Laurence Kenny

Harry: John Branwell

DHSS woman: Deborah Hawkes

Old man at DHSS: William Maxwell

Mechanic: Paul Codman

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900526]

The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins adapted by Peter Mackie. With

Michael Fitzgerald Ian Hogg.

After the daring rescue of Mussolini from

Gran Sasso , Hitler plans a further coup - to abduct Churchill from England.

Director Philip Martin

BBC Pebble Mill. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900526]

Unknown: Jack Higgins

Adapted By: Peter MacKie.

Unknown: Michael Fitzgerald

Unknown: Ian Hogg.

Unknown: Gran Sasso

Director: Philip Martin

Steiner: Michael Fitzgerald

Radl: Ian Hogg

Devlin: Frank Grimes

Jack Higgins: Himself

Fr Vereker: Simon Carter

Joanna: Rosemary Martin

Molly: Holly Aird

Himrrder: Graham Padden

Laker: Roger Hume

Churchill: Roger Hume

Canaris: Terry Molloy

Hitler: David Halliwell

Pamela: Kimberley Hope

Harry: David Vann

Neuman: John Dixon

Rossman: Vincent Brimble

Sgt Hofer: Geoffrey Whitehead

Arthur: Christopher Good

Lemke: Stephen Garlick

Watson: Neil Coker

Mrs Wilson: Heather Barrett

Graham: Philip Molloy

Tom: Philip Molloy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900526]

Unknown: Jack Higgins

Adapted By: Peter MacKie.

Unknown: Michael Fitzgerald

Unknown: Ian Hogg.

Unknown: Gran Sasso

Director: Philip Martin

Steiner: Michael Fitzgerald

Radl: Ian Hogg

Devlin: Frank Grimes

Jack Higgins: Himself

Fr Vereker: Simon Carter

Joanna: Rosemary Martin

Molly: Holly Aird

Himrrder: Graham Padden

Laker: Roger Hume

Churchill: Roger Hume

Canaris: Terry Molloy

Hitler: David Halliwell

Pamela: Kimberley Hope

Harry: David Vann

Neuman: John Dixon

Rossman: Vincent Brimble

Sgt Hofer: Geoffrey Whitehead

Arthur: Christopher Good

Lemke: Stephen Garlick

Watson: Neil Coker

Mrs Wilson: Heather Barrett

Graham: Philip Molloy

Tom: Philip Molloy

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900602]

Unknown: Michael Williams.

Unknown: William Cable

Written By: Michael Hartland

Director: Alec Reid.

William Cable: Michael Williams

Sir David Nairn: Tom Fleming

Naomi Reichmann: Mia Soteriou

Sarah Cable: Sue Broomfield

Paul Skilbeck: Christopher Scott

'Gordon': David King

MatGen Kirov: Caroline Hunt

Mgr Laszlo, SJ: Bill Wallis

Gen Gideon Reichmann: Howard Goorney

GRU officer: Danny Schiller

Rudolf/First field agent: Stephen Garlick

Intruder/Dr Sol/inger/ RAF Wing Com....: Donald Gee

Minister of State Security/ Fisher.: Anthony Donovan

Radio announcer/Secretary: Jane Slavin

Squires/SAS sergeant: Nicholas Gilbrook

Second field agent/Rozinski: Jo Dunlop

Stuart/BBC newsreaderl Tran Van Thieu: Christopher Good

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900609]

Unknown: Julia Homburg

Unknown: Danielle Allan

Unknown: Mary Allen

Unknown: Christopher Barritt

Unknown: Nicholas Gilbrook

Unknown: Brian Miller

Unknown: Jan Newling

Unknown: Danny Schiller

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw.

Written By: Sarah Gainham

Adapted By: Roderick Graham

Director: Jane Morgan

Julia Homburg: Jennifer Hilary

Hansi: John Rye

Una: Rhoda Lewis

Franz: Hugh Dickson

Georgy: Struan Rodger

Willi: Michael Graham Cox

Hella: Shirley Dixon

Lehmann: David King

Nando: Simon Treves

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900616]

Unknown: Tad Tucker

Written By: Christopher Hedgethorne

Director: Michael Fox.

Alec: Lain Cuthbertson

Tad: Michael Feast

Jean: Susan Tracy

Nikki: Victoria Finney

Andrew: John Capps

Floss: Daphne Oxenford

Bob: Michael Boone

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900623]

Unknown: Nero Gran Jackson

Written By: Christopher Denys

Director: Tony Cliff.

Gran Jackson: Ann Rye

Lily: Jane Hollowood

Young Fred: Judy Bennett

Mrs Chadwick: Judith Barker

Dora: Julie Corrigan

Billy: Elizabeth Proud

Sydney Barley: Neville Barber

Cllr Shattock: Malcolm Hebden

Ambulance man: Derek Howard

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900630]

Written By: Allan Prior.

Played By: Perry Montague Mason

Music: Maddy Prior

Music: Rick Kemp

Director: Martin Jenkins.

Queen Victoria: Sue Broomfield

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of: John Rowe

Richard, his brother: Michael Cochrane

Dick, his son: Joe Dunlop

Papa: Denys Hawthorne

Mama: Elizabeth Proud

Fitzbrian: Crawford Logan

Catherine Packenham: Helena Breck

Her uncle: John Gabriel

Nelson: Christopher Good

Ned: Stephen Garlick

Old soldier: John Bull

Cockney sentry: Paul Downing

Officer: Nicholas Gilbrook

Uxbridge: Michael Kilgarriff

Arthur as a boy: Alastair White

William IV: Roger Hammond

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900707]

Written By: George Birmingham.

Adapted By: Alan England

Director: Dave Sheasby.

J J Meldon: Kieran Cunningham

Major Kent: Stuart Richman

higginbothan: Chris Wilkinson

Sir Giles Buckley: Michael Irving

Eusby Langton: Neville Barber

Eustace Willoughby: Christopher Kent

Thomas O'Flaherty Pat: Sean Barrett

Mary Kate: Fenella Norman

FrMulcrone: Richard Tate

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900714]

Written By: Bernard Da Costa.

Adapted By: David Buck

Director: Michael Fox.

Beau Brummell: Trevor Peacock

Justin: Donald Gee

Armstrong: Peter Undford

Ravissante: Madeline Smith

Mrs Daley: Auriol Smith

Chazot: Stephen Garlick

Priest: Stuart Harrison

Nun: Sue Broomfield

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900721]

Unknown: Person Elsie

Written By: Christopher Denys.

Director: Tony Cliff.

Doreen: Jenny Luckraft

Billy: Judy Bennett

Muriel: Anna-Jane Casey

Mrs Chadwick: Judith Barker

Elsie: Clare Kinsale

Gerard: Elizabeth Proud

Dora: Julie Corrigan

Mrs Ryder: Paula Tilbrook

Policeman: John Jardine

Brindley: John Branwell

Postmaster: Laurence Kenny

Railwayman: Keith Clifford

George: Malcolm Raeburn

Landlady: Rosalie Williams

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900728]

Unknown: Dinsdale Landen

Comedy By: Steve Walker.

Director: Peter Kavanagh.

Sidney: Dinsdale Landen

Gregory: Denys Hawthorne

Tartufari: Henry Goodman

Ngoupande: Ben Onwukwe

Claudia/Sister Bridget: Jenny Howe

Pyjamas/Junta General: John Bull

God: David Bannerman

Swiss guard: Vincent Brimble

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900804]

Unknown: Dame Peggy Ashcroft

Unknown: Sir John Mills

Unknown: Brian Clark

Unknown: Sir Edmund Milne

Director: Glyn Dearman.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900811]

Unknown: Eddie Manson

Written By: John Naismith.

Unknown: Jimmy 'Weasel'

Director: Gerry Jones.

Eddie: Martin Jarvis

DC Robins: Vincent Brimble

Diana Martell/Lil: Jane Whittenshaw

Tracey Dowling: Penelope Lee

Billy O'Neill: Sean Barrett

Nosher: Geoffrey Matthews

Stumpy Miller: Cyril Snaps

Hales/Grazano: Fraser Kerr

Crawford: Danny Schiller

Rizzo: Michael Kilgarriff

Specs Mclver: John Hollis

DC Fisher: Simon Treves

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900818]

Unknown: John Penn

Unknown: Det Supt Thorne

Dramatised By: Melville Jones

Director: Martin Jenkins.

Det Supt Thome: John Castle

Hugh Royston: John Samson

John Quarry: James Greene

Helen Quarry: Penelope Lee

Mark Joyner: Stuart Organ

Frances BeIl: Auriol Smith

Sylvia Royston: Victoria Carling

Paula Danby: Elizabeth Mansfield

Steven Layton: Jonathan Tafler

Sgt Court: Ian Lindsay

Jane Hilmore: Jane Whittenshaw

Moira Gale: Jane Whittenshaw

Mark Pierson: Paul Downing

Tony Gierey: Stephen Garlick

Det Sgt Abbot: Andrew Branch

Mr Gate: David King

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900825]

Unknown: Marie Lloyd

Unknown: Steve Trafford

Unknown: Elizabeth Mansfield

Unknown: Mary Allen

Unknown: Nigel Carrington

Unknown: Brian Miller

Unknown: Michael Kilgarriff.

Unknown: Noel Langley

Unknown: Steve Wilks

Unknown: Roy Babington

Unknown: Stephen Rose.

Director: Jack Glover

Director: Janet Whitaker.

Marie Uoyd: Elizabeth Mansfield

Alec Hurley: Robert Lister

Ben Dillon: Kilian McKenna

Percy Courtenay: Christopher Good

Mrs Ormiston Chant: Jo Kendall

Bella: Jenny Howe

Alice: Susan Sheridan

Grace: Sarah Mansfield

Doctor: James Greene

Manager: Danny Schiller

Blythe Pratt: Timothy Bateson

Marconi: Ben Onwukwe

Agent: Stephen Garlick

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900901]

Unknown: Alex Jones.

Dramatised By: David Calcutt

Director: Nigel Bryant.

Prentice: Kim Wall

Nurse: Janet Dale

Helmar: Richard Mitchley

Constans: Danny Schiller

Montgomery: Kenneth Colley

M'Ling: Terry Molloy

Capt Davis: Peter Meakin

Moreau: Garard Green

Prentice's nephew: Neal Foster

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900908]

Unknown: Mike Walker.

Music: David Chilton

Music: Nick Russell-Pavier

Director: David Greenwood.

Tony: Dhirendra Kumar

Alison: Elizabeth Mansfield

Ranbir: Meera Syal

Sunni: Amardeep Kaushal

Chris: Norman Jones

Rowse: David Bannerman

Father: Harbans Singh

Mother: Charubala Chokshi

Sue: Sue Broomfield

Ray Willeford: Dale Rapley

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900915]

Unknown: Agatha Christie

Unknown: Hercule Poirot

Dramatised By: Michael Bakewell

Director: Enyd Williams.

Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt

Captain Hastings: Jeremy Clyde

Dulcie Duveen: Madeline Smith

Police sergeant: Ken Cumberlidge

Inspector Bex: Geoffrey Whitehead

Judge Hautet: David King

Françoise: Barbara Atkinson

Leonie: Joanna MacKie

Mme Renauld: Joan Matheson

Giraud: Vincent Brimble

Marthe Daubreuil: Francesca Buller

Mme Daubreuil: Petra Davies

Jack Renauld: Stephen Tompkinson

Receptionist: Danny Schiller

Doctor/Usher: Brian Miller

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900922]

Unknown: Keith Barron

Unknown: Nicolas Freeling

Unknown: Henri Castang.

Adapted By: Michael Bakewell

Director: Matthew Walters.

Castang: Keith Barron

Vera: Edita Brychta

Richard: John Horsley

Sir James: Richard Vernon

Lady Armitage: Mary Allen

Patience: Emma Gregory

Colin: Simon Treves

Lasserre: Brian Miller

Fausta: Danielle Allan

Thomas: Angus Wright

Greene: Paul Downing J

Bodet: Danny Schiller

Brillant/Townsend: Ben Onwukwe

Patron: Ian Lindsay

Robin/Official: Michael Kilgarriff

Madame Brisac: Elizabeth Kelly

Larkins: Timothy Carlton