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This week on the Saturday Magazine programme John Toal and the team put on their tights and grab their shields as they invade Carrickfergus Castle for the Norman Family Fun Day.

John joins the children from St.

Nicholas' primary school on a treasure trail to solve the mystery of the golden shield and there will be Norman artefacts on show and a medieval feast fit for a king!

Paula bakes one of Ireland’s most traditional breads – Barmbrack with a refreshing autumn fruit compote while celebrity Master Chef, Lisa Faulkner encourages us all to celebrate the annual harvest festival.

Big Telly’s Spring Chickens are back by popular demand, local older people celebrating their creativity and imaginations, all part of Age Awareness week starting this Saturday.

So join John Toal at Carrickfergus Castle for all this and more on BBC Radio Ulster just after the 10 o’clock news.

John Toal broadcasts live from the Norman Family Fun day at Carrickfergus Castle.

Kim Lenaghan talks pocket money.

If you thought it was just another way for your kids to buy sweets think again.

Financial expert Liz Berclay tells us how kids can learn from balancing their own budget.

And the property market may have ground to a halt but housing expert and Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer says the right improvements can still add value to your home.

Adam Nixon meets the primary school kids from Antrim who’ll be manning their own ship and setting sail across Canadian waters.

Are the benefits of multitasking a myth? Kim hears from the author of ‘The Way We’re Working isn’t Working,’ Jean Gomes, who tells us the skill most women pride themselves in may be doing us more harm than good!

There’s an injection of colour into the studio with image consultant Lynsey Hakin.

She’ll be taking calls from listeners on how to dress for their skin tone and colouring.

Chef Paula Mcintyre goes back to basics and shows us how to cook the elusive ‘perfect’ steak.

Kim Lenaghan talks pocket money, renovations and multitasking.

Paula cooks a perfect steak.

John Toal gets on his bike for bike week and follows clown doctors Fizz, Sparkle and Twinkle around the wards of the Ulster Hospital.

Chef Paula Mcintyre serves up strawberries.

John Toal gets on his bike for bike week.