Saturday Live


20170826 (R4)

Fi Glover with historian Michael Wood, Inheritance Tracks from musician Jean Michel Jarre.

Fi Glover is joined by Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet.

The poet is Salena Godden.

The producer is Debbie Kilbride.

With poetry from Salena Godden

Fi Glover is joined by mathematician Marcus Du Sautoy, poet Salena Godden, a man who discovered that his son was involved in a terrorist plot, and a woman who spent a month in 1993 cleaning oil from stricken birds after the Braer oil spill.

There's a Crowdscape from the Blackpool promenade, and actor Bill Nighy shares his Inheritance Tracks.

The producer is Simon Clancy.

Fi Glover is joined by mathematician Marcus Du Sautoy; Bill Nighy's Inheritance Tracks.