Rwanda - Ten Years After

Ruth Evans presents five portraits of life a decade after the genocide in Rwanda.


01Surviving Murambi20040329

Emmanuel is one of only three survivors of an estimated 45,000 people who sought sanctuary in Murambi's hill-top school, but were brutally butchered in just two days. Today he works as a guide at the genocide memorial at Murambi. The classrooms are still full of corpses, preserved as a stark and horrific reminder that this must never be allowed to happen again.


Richard Munyerango's story is a remarkable story of reconciliation and forgiveness. A Tutsi who had lived in exile in Uganda for most of his life, he returned to Rwanda after the genocide in which a up to a million Tutsis were killed by their Hutu neighbours in a mere hundred days. Richard's first response was to adopt three Hutu children, and work tirelessly towards reconciliation.


Ruth Evans meets Dancille Mukandoli, who lost 42 members of her extended family in the genocide. Today, she's the President of Avega, an association of genocide widows. "We had no other choice but to come together and see what we could do for ourselves," says Dancille. "After all, life had to continue.".


Rwandan women and young girls not only witnessed the torture and killing of their families during the genocide of 1994, they were often also subjected to extreme and brutal forms of sexual violence and mutilation, raped and deliberately infected with HIV/AIDS. Chantal was one of them. Today, she has a ten-year-old son who serves as a daily reminder of what happened to her, and she also looks after five orphaned children belonging to her murdered sisters.

05 LAST20040402

Although the vast majority of Rwanda's genocide victims were Tutsis, many moderate Hutus opposed to the killings were also killed. Akimana Clarise was only ten at the time of the genocide in 1994. Her Hutu parents were shot, and she was also seriously wounded. Now, at the tender age of twenty, she's bringing up her four younger orphaned brothers and sisters alone, with only a small hilltop plot of land and a cow to provide for them all.