The Rupee Revolution


1947The Rupee Revolution19970810

The first of two programmes on modern India, presented by Rathin Roy. Rathin Roy is one of India's thirtysomething movers and shakers, a political economist brought up in Delhi and Bombay. He travels through villages and cities, from poverty to progress, talking to yuppies and farmers, to give us an insider's view of India today. `The Economy'. 1991 will go down in Indian history alongside other key dates such as 1858 and 1947: it is the year of `The Rupee Revolution', when India opened up its old socialist economy to the world. India will never be the same again.


The second of two programmes, presented by political economist Rathin Roy. `Politics'. The 90s have seen the demise of India's Gandhi dynasty and of their Congress party. For the first time, the country is being run by broad coalitions and regional parties with high quotas of women and lower castes. But political and religious extremism and high-level corruption are proving real obstacles to India's progress.