Running For The Hills

Read and written by Horatio Clare, also read by Saskia Wickham, abridged by Doreen Estall.



One summer's day in the late 1960s, two young Londoners fell in love with a ramshackle sheep farm in South Wales.

They had almost no money, no idea about sheep and their marriage was uncertain from the start.

This evocative memoir chronicles their changing relationship with the landscape - and with each other.


Novice farmers Robert and Jenny experience their first lambing at their newly-bought Welsh hill farm.

They are forced to confront the harsh realities of farming and the horror of 'nature red in tooth and claw'.


The financial hardships of running the farm divide Robert and Jenny.

With no hope of ever making a profit, Robert makes the pragmatic suggestion to sell the farm, but Jenny refuses to abandon her dream to give her children a country childhood.


Horatio and his brother experience the thrill of badger watching.

Their mother Jenny is still torn between trying to make their life in the countryside work and taking them back to London.

Meanwhile her relationship with Robert seems to have fractured beyond repair.

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Jenny and the boys are snowed in after a fierce blizzard.

How much longer will it be feasible for them to stay on at the farm?