Rumpole And The Eternal Triangle



By John Mortimer.

Dramatised by Richard Stoneman.

When Rumpole and Hilda attend a concert performed by The Casterini Trio, Rumpole is surprised to be approached by Elizabeth Casterini - the trio's beautiful violinist.

Rumpole falls for her charms.

But then, the Trio's cellist, Tom Randall is murdered.

Elizabeth's husband Desmond was supposedly suspicious of Randall's feelings for Elizabeth.

And, since he owned the gun that was found by the body, Desmond is arrested.

Flattered by Elizabeth's seductive pleas, Rumpole agrees to defend Desmond at the Old Bailey.

But there, Rumpole's admiration for Elizabeth rapidly begins to wane.

Older Rumpole - Timothy West

Young Rumpole - Benedict Cumberbatch

Hilda/Dorothy Clapton - Cathy Sara

Elizabeth Casterini - Faye Castelow

Desmond Casterini/Henry - Adrian Scarborough

Bonny Bernard/Peter Matheson - Matthew Morgan

Claude Erskine-Brown/DS Straw - Nigel Anthony

Sam Ballard - Michael Cochrane

Oliver Oliphant/Barman - Geoffrey Whitehead

Christopher Peek/Waiter/Usher/Alfred - Stephen Critchlow

Directed by Marilyn Imrie.

A Catherine Bailey production for BBC Radio 4.

Rumpole is seduced into defending an attractive young woman violinist accused of murder.