Route 66 Revisited

Nick Barraclough presents a seven-part series in which he travels across America exploring the history and cultural significance of Route 66.



In this first programme, he explores Chicago - the birthplace of the skyscraper, the zip fastener, Al Capone and the blues.


In this second programme, he heads for Missouri to see the 600-foot arch in St Louis known as the Gateway to the West. He meets Andy Williams and Doug Dillard, both of whom took Route 66 to get to where they wanted to go.


In this third programme, he is in Oklahoma, where he catches up with John Steinbeck's son Thom to talk about the importance of the road in `The Grapes of Wrath'. Plus Ry Cooder and Billy Bragg expounding on the importance of Route 66 in American music.

04The Texas Panhandle19990106

In this fourth programme, he reaches the halfway mark in his journey from Chicago to Los Angeles, as he drives across the Texas panhandle. There, he samples rattlesnake and meets Stanley Marsh III, owner and creator of Cadillac Ranch.

05New Mexico19990113

In this fifth programme, he arrives in New Mexico and stays at the El Rancho, where legend has it that Errol Flynn rode his horse into the bar for a drink. He also takes in Santa Fe and the ghost town of Endee.


In this penultimate programme, he arrives in the state of Arizona and takes a detour to the Grand Canyon. He also visits Meteor City, which has a population of two, and finds himself standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona - like the Eagles in `Take It Easy'.

07 LASTSanta Monica19990127

In this last programme, he reaches the end of Route 66 in Santa Monica, California, and pays a visit to songwriter Bobby Troup, who wrote his famous song in 1946. He also talks to Thom Steinbeck and Ry Cooder, who grew up at the end of the road in Santa Monica.