Ross Noble On

Catch the Geordie stand-up comic as he entertains audiences during his 2006 UK tour.


01Brighton Dome2007011620070711

In the first of a series of stand-up shows from his latest English tour, Ross Noble's packed audience in Brighton - where he has trouble recognising the gender of the Dome's ushers - not only includes two different dog lovers, but also a man who's keen to know why Ross was walking oddly in the Lanes earlier in the day. And yet there's a mysteriously empty seat.

Could its absent occupant have opted to stay at home watching television instead? Having explained how to rescue someone from the edge of a chaise longue, he can't stop himself telling a story even though it paints him in a bad light.

02York Grand Opera House2007012320070718

Ross Noble finds York teeming with race-goers dressed to the nines, ponders on an unusual use for a shoehorn, the city's famous Minster and futuristic buses, and wonders why so many of its inhabitants wear ancient costume.

He also reveals that Arkwright from Open All Hours could have been a Hare Krishna devotee, gets nostalgic for his auntie's mutant biscuits, and even finds the time to set up an impromptu car pool scheme to get audience members home.

03Manchester Opera House2007013020070725

Ross Noble discovers that Mancunian audiences are not the most punctual, despite the unconventional efforts of the Opera House's ushers.

He also uncovers the little-known facts that yawning can be a sign of terror and that Bob Carolgees - remember him, Tiswas fans? - owns a nearby candle shop, as well as proposing a new TV cop show, wondering what life would be like in the town of Dodgem, and investigating a new trend in motorway signs.

04 LASTNewcastle City Hall2007020620070801

In the final programme of the series, Cramlington's own Ross Noble returns to nearby Newcastle, where he points out the dangers of accepting gifts from audience members, reveals a little-known connection between pigeons and the Goth youth cult, recommends a local guest house, pays homage to former children's TV favourite Superted, and comes up with an unusual use for New Zealand coins.