Roger Casement Hanged For Treason


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700322]

Written and narrated by EDGAR LUSTGARTEN

Michael Goodliffe as Casement Sir Roger Casement was an Ulsterman of unusual ability. The work he did for the British Government in the Congo and South America earned him international respect.

But despite his Protestant faith he believed passionately that Ireland - as a whole nation - should be given independence. He seized his opportunity during the First World War and with German help embarked on the hazardous enterprise which was to ruin him.

Produced by ALAN BURGESS


Unknown: Edgar Lustgarten

Unknown: Michael Goodliffe

Unknown: Sir Roger Casement

Produced By: Alan Burgess

Attorney General: Austin Trevor

Chairman: Alan Barry

German Official: John Bryning

Pat: Hector Ross

John: Frederick Treves

Sergeant: Tommy Duggan