Rocking Chair, The

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 09 September 198819900803First broadcast on 1988-09-09|Producer: G. GAULD|Description|A brash young publisher sacks the literary manager, an older man who has spent his whole career reading in the rocking chair in his office. The confrontation develops into a game of menace. Starring Alec MCCOWEN.|Jerome....Alec MCCOWEN Oswald....Martin JARVIS Sean....Peter ACRE|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|09 Sep 1988 21:35-22:35 (RADIO 3)|03 Aug 1990 21:40-22:40 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Martin Jarvis (Actor)|Peter Acre (Actor)|Alec Mccowen (Actor)|Vernon Dobtcheff (adap)|Jean Brisville (Author)|Graham Gauld (Producer)|Recorded on 1988-07-21.