Rock And Doris And Elizabeth



On the 15th July 1985 Rock Hudson appeared at a press call on the first day of filming for the TV show Doris Day's Best Friends as a favour to his old friend. His ravaged appearance shocked the world. At the same time another old friend, Elizabeth Taylor, was beginning a crusade to raise awareness of the little-understood AIDS.

Tracy Ann Oberman's new play is inspired by these events, imagining how they might have played out and exploring the relationships between Hollywood icons - the professional virgin, the all American man and the woman condemned as an "erotic vagrant" by the Pope.

It marks the end of one Hollywood era and the start of another, presenting a vivid snapshot of stardom and sexuality, love and loss.

Writer: Tracy-Ann Oberman

Script Editor: David Spicer

Produced by Liz Anstee

A CPL production for BBC Radio 4.