Robert Simpson (1921 - 1997)

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0120050725One of the most charismatic British composers of recent years was Robert Simpson, a man of staunch principles, both musical and personal, whose work flew in the face of contemporary trends.|In conversation with the writer and broadcaster (and close personal friend of Simpson) Stephen Johnson, Donald Macleod discusses Simpson's character, and the rich body of work he bequeathed us.|String Trio (Prelude: Presto)|Delmé String Quartet|Symphony No 2|Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra|Vernon Handley (conductor)|String Quartet No 7|Galina Solodchin and Jeremy Williams (violin)|John Underwood (viola)|Stephen Orton (cello).
0220050726Robert Simpson was in many ways a maverick figure, and yet also a man of great humility who spoke very freely of his debt to other composers.|Donald Macleod discusses these aspects of Simpson's character and work with writer and broadcaster Stephen Johnson.|Symphony no 3|2nd movement: Adagio|Royal Philharmonic Orchestra|Vernon Handley (conductor)|String Quartet No 6|Delmé String Quartet|Galina Solodchin and John Trusler (violin)|John Underwood (viola)|Jonathan Williams (cello).
0320050727Two musical forms dominate Simpson's oeuvre: the Symphony and the String Quartet.|But the composer grew up playing in Salvation Army bands alongside his parents, and the result was a deep-rooted love of brass bands and their repertoire.|In conversation with Simpson's friend Stephen Johnson, Donald Macleod explores some of the music Simpson composed for brass.|Volcano: Symphonic Study for Brass Band (Calmissimo)|The Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band|James Watson (conductor)|The Four Temperaments|Variations on a Theme by Nielsen|City of London Sinfonia|Matthew Taylor (conductor)|Robert Simpson (1921 - 1997)|3/5.|Today, in conversation with Simpson's friend Stephen Johnson, Donald Macleod explores some of the music Simpson composed for brass.
0420050728The great musicologist Hans Keller once remarked of Robert Simpson that the fearless, artless integrity of the man becomes a matter of course, hardly worth mentioning: there is no more substantial compliment in art or life.|Donald Macleod and Stephen Johnson discuss, and listen to, just one piece: Simpson's epic 9th Symphony, one of the truly great works of recent years.|Symphony No 9|Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra|Vernon Handley (conductor).
05 LAST20050729Donald Macleod concludes his week of conversations with Stephen Johnson, about the life and work of Robert Simpson, with a look at two of Simpson's late works and a discussion of the sense of trajectory in the composer's work.|String Quartet No 15|Vanbrugh String Quartet|Gregory Ellis and Elizabeth Charleson (violin)|Simon Aspell (viola)|Christopher Marwood (cello)|Symphony No 11|City of London Sinfonia|Matthew Taylor (conductor).