Road To Durham



Douglas Livingstone's play about Bevin Boys, the young men who were sent down the mines instead of joining the armed forces in the Second World War.

Two 80-year-old former Bevin Boys, who have not seen each other for 63 years, decide to go to the Durham Miners' Gala together and confront their memories of the past.

Christopher - Timothy West

Benny - Douglas Livingstone

Young Christopher - Fergus Rees

Young Benny - Sam Fletcher

Sally - Faye Castelow

Jim - Christoher Connel

Michael - David Whitaker

Older Sally - Jane Whittenshaw

Headmaster - Brian Lonsdale

With recordings made at the Durham Miners' Gala and at West Pelton Primary School.

Directed by Jane Morgan

A Unique production for BBC Radio 4.

By Douglas Livingstone.

Two 80-year-old former Bevin Boys reunite for a miners' gala.

Christopher....Timothy West

  • benny....douglas livingstone
  • headmaster....brian lonsdale

    two 80-year-old former bevin boys reunite for a miners gala

  • jim....christoher connel
  • michael....david whitaker
  • older sally....Jane Whittenshaw
  • sally....faye castelow
  • young benny....sam fletcher
  • young christopher....fergus rees