Road To Abolition, The

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20070325A dramatised feature charting the campaign in Britain and the Caribbean to abolish the transatlantic slave trade. Historians Adam Hochschild, James Walvin and Anne C Bailey provide insight into the turbulent decades between 1767 and 1807 and woven through their accounts are the dramatised voices of some of the key players in the abolition movement in monologues written by Amanda Whittington. They include campaigners Thomas Clarkson, Granville Sharp and the former slave Olaudah Equiano, as well as the anti-abolitionist Banastre Tarleton, plus two less well-known participants in the story, a British sailor and a Quaker serving woman in Britain involved in the sugar boycott.
Granville Sharp....Mark Meadows
Thomas Clarkson....Tom Sherman
Olaudah Equiano....Leo Wringer
Banastre Tarleton....Alan Coveney
George Bell....Ben Small
Emily Davis....Rebekah Germain.