The Rko Gang

In its comparatively short and always turbulent history, RKO Radio Pictures made some of the greatest films and nurtured some of the finest talents ever to emerge from Hollywood.
But there is one area of RKO history that has largely been forgotten, and yet was an integral part of a typical cinema programme of that time - the short comedy film.


01Blondes, Redheads And Painted Specs20041228

Comedy writer Glenn Mitchell presents the first of a two-part profile of these RKO films and reveals the often bizarre stories behind the collection of comedy actors who appeared in them.

02 LASTLeon, Ed And The New Breed20050104

Comedy writer Glenn Mitchell concludes his affectionate tribute to the stars of the RKO short film comedies, with a profile of two of their best loved performers, Leon Errol and Edgar Kennedy who, by the 1940's, had become the mainstay of RKO's shorts series.