The Rita Rudner Show



With a supporting cast that includes Michael Fenton Stevens, co-writer Martin Bergman, Mike Wilmot and Vivienne Avramoff, the series mixes sitcom with classic stand up routines from Rita.

Producer: Paul Russell

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With the help of her husband Martin (Martin Trenaman) Rita is forced to cope with a very unfamiliar England and meets an array of odd characters, including hotelier Mrs Harrison (played by the wonderful Phyllida Law) and various guests at the hotel - such as The Fabulous Twins who try to help Martin buy a gift for Rita, without much success.

Meanwhile, Rita's agent Phil hopes to get some help from Alan Carr - but there's a mix up and eventually Rita is forced to host a charity auction. Rita's also frustrated by a well - meaning support comedian, Jim Jenson who ends up being a major hindrance.

With some more classic stand up from Rita Rudner and a stellar supporting cast including Michael Fenton Stevens, Alan Carr, Dominic Frisby and Amy Wilson Thomas.

Producer: Paul Russell

An Open Mike production for BBC Radio 4.