Rigby's Red Herrings

Programmes about preserved fish by food enthusiast Graeme Rigby


01The Bombay Duck That Wasn't1998050419990330

The case of the disappearing Bombay duck, with help from chef Alastair Little.

02The Auchmithie Cure1998050519990331

He crosses the River Tay and brings back Arbroath smokies for chef Alastair Little.

03The Day Of The Cod1998050619990401

He braves the stormy seas off the Loften Islands to hear fishermen's fiddle tunes played by Susanne Lundeng.

04A Surfeit Of Lampreys1998050719990402

He travels to Gloucester on the trail of one of the oldest and ugliest of fish - the lamprey.

05In Praise Of The Red Herring1998050819990409

He's joined by chef Alastair Little.