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201101Michael Legge And Catie Wilkins20110803

Here it is, almost live from The Stand comedy club in Edinburgh.

The very first RHEFP (rhefp), a daily podcast keeping you up to date with all the Fringe gossip and hot and not shows.

Plus loads of stupid banter with a top comedy guest (or in this case Michael "Nerrin" Legge).

It's the first try so sorry if the sound is a bit uneven - we tried to record it with the Tascam but some audience interaction sent that smashing to the floor and so this is the version recorded through the desk, and I think Michael might have forgotten to speak into his microphone.

Because he is a dick.

Or the balance might have been off.

But let's blame Michael.

We talk about foam pies and pizzas in eyes and Twitter threats, as well as finding out which made-up shows the audience have already seen.

There's stand-up from Catie Wilkins and a competition in which you will find out Rasputin's phone number and who Michael may or may not be cat-sitting for.

Plus tales of Hunter from Gladiators and being wanked off by a ventriloquist dummy (not the same story).

And someone won 50 in cash.

201102Matthew Crosby And Lou Sanders20110805

Richard is in a bad mood as he's just come from the gym where Ian Virgin has inexplicably charged him a pound for his towel and then he saw himself on the news so he is worried he is dead.

His guest is Matthew Crosby from Pappy's who has to ponder what it would take to make him fellate Keith Allen.

Light is shed on the truth about Greyfriar's Bobby and whether it's worth travelling to Mars for a glass of water and Rich is travelling back to 1988 for his story from the Fringe.

There's 5 minutes of stand-up from the brilliant Lou Sanders and one lucky person is set to win 25 and a copy of AIOTM: The Complete Cumpkin.

It could have been you if you'd made the effort to turn up! Come along if you can.

201103Tony Law And Chris Mccausland20110806
201104Andy Zaltzman And The Behemoth20110807

Two shows a day is already taking its toll on Richard who like a bumbling Mr Bean is spilling water and losing prizes all over the shop this episode.

Let's hope he's not ill.

He's fresh from dual embarrassments in the jacuzzi at the swimming pool and astonished about the new nickname that he has somehow acquired that has been sweeping the Fringe.

He has no idea why everyone is calling him the King of the Fringe, and as flattered as he is that that's what people are saying he hopes it won't catch on.

It's not fair to the other performers.

Including today's guests, the clown haired satirist Andy Zaltzman and the double act The Behemoth.

There's chat about the London riots, fan grooming, being the less successful one in a double act and whether heckles have a sell by date.

And then Andy saves the day by coming up with a great unprompted anecdote to fill the final five minutes of the show.

They're getting better every day - but we need you to come and see them live if you possibly can! Every day but the 15th at 2.20pm at Stand One.

201105Dan Antopolski And Nick Helm20110808

Rich is considering getting run over by a bus to give him a show for next year's Fringe, after Tim Vine has rejected him as a gag writer and he's smarting from a weird, scary audience from last night's What Is Love, Anyway?, but luckily today's podcast audience aren't weird - well not in that way.

Obviously they're deeply odd and there's not enough of them, but hopefully things will pick up so Richard can be financially rewarded for another slow descent into madness.

Today's guests are Dan "Sparkling Helmet" Antopolski and Nick Helm and there's an extra special appearance from Cliff who was once a contestant on Countdown.

The identity of the mysterious cupboard puncher might finally be revealed after nine years of escaping justice and because Rich is tired there's a lot of talk of bodily effluent.

The hour zips by - let's hope it's not Kenneth Kendall's last one.

201106Susan Calman And Naz Osmanoglu20110809

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I burn London down...

Rich is in shock at the events in London and fearful that the 15 year old in the front row might mug him for his AIOTM DVD, but it all works out fine.

Rich's guest is Glasgow lawyer turned comedian Susan Calman who has lots to say on the riots and Jimmy hats and comedy.

Rich is terribly indiscreet about his fellow cast members from the 1992 Fringe sketch show - the dum show.

Thanks to the audience members who bought a crown for the King of Edinburgh - though Rich wants to make it clear he is not encouraging this nickname.

With stand-up from Naz Osmanoglu.

201107Glenn Wool And Simon Munnery20110810

Richard wonders if he is in the middle of a 3 and a half week long piece of theatre rather than a podcast, but presses on, cos though he feels as if he's in a play, he is anyway.

He's trying out for the Michael Mcintyre Roadshow with his opening monologue but keeps forgetting not to swear.

His guest is the Canadian comedy genius Glenn Wool who has some excellent advice on how to deal with the English rioters, and also weirdly enough has independently come up with two routines that Rich has also been considering - great minds think alike - and so do rubbish ones.

The boys share their stories of unusual biopsies and ghosts and love and life on the road.

With 5 minutes of stand up from the brilliant Simon Munnery, because he lives across the road and Rich had neglected to book anyone.

Whoever wrote today's script for the play was on blistering form.

Hope you enjoy it!

201108Dave Gorman And Nick Doody20110811

Episode 8 - Deluge - It's been pissing down in Edinburgh for 24 hours, but everyone's in good spirits because there are two fabulous guests - Dave Gorman and Nick Doody.

Rich has a zooaphilia-based new challenge for Dave to write a book about, but Dave seems more keen to play darts.

The weirdo.

There's chat about being spotted on Twitter and/or Heat magazine as well as the 'stuff' that Paul Daniels hates and Rich almost getting in fight with a flying picket.

Sorry a Flying Picket.

And Raquel from Only Fools.

One lucky punter is going to win the entire back catalogue of (go there to buy work by some of the country's best comedians - and Andrew Collings).

You'll also find out if Dave Gorman has ever seen a ghost.

Nick Doody is on hand for a great stand-up set.

His decision to not go in the Fringe programme is explained here

201109Paul Sinha And Tania Edwards20110812

It's episode 9 of RHEFP and Richard is tired and not in the mood, but then audibly surprised at how well his half-arsed opening monologue goes down and he's rejuvenated and full of beans from then on in.

He has tales of the changes that take place in 24 years in a chip shop, plus too much information about the actresses he has gone out with and the princess that he failed to seduce.

His guest, Paul Sinha, is less impressively one degree of separation from celebrity fellatio (alas not Keith Allen) and used to fancy Richard before "the King of Edinburgh" (Three Weeks) got too fat and old.

Rich chastises Jack Whitehall for obvious plagiarism, is reminded of his cruel Celebrity Mastermind defeat and takes us back to 1995 when he was looking at his immaturity in Richard Herring is All Man.

CJ from Eggheads rears his ugly egghead as well and there's some unpleasant stuff about how to improve the film Love Actually with sexual assault.

With stand-up from Tania Edwards - (buy a ticket, even though she lets you know how to get in for free).

Also there's a Kenneth Kendal health and sexuality update.

201110Francesca Martinez And Holly Walsh20110813

Rich has had a proper sleep for the first time in a while - will it make any difference? Probably not.

He still confesses to a string of unsolved serious crimes - let's hope the police aren't listening.

Don't dob him in man.

He has the bright and breezy Francesca Martinez to chat to, who is either one of the best comics in Edinburgh this year or possibly the sickest.

She has tales of Grange Hill and offending Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and being wobbly, whilst Rich is looking back on another Fringe fight and hastily trying to write his Radio 4 show about ginger hair by nicking all of his guests best jokes on the subject.

Kenneth Kendal survives another day, though Robert Robinson is not so lucky.

Keith Allen, it seems, will do anything for a blow job.

Big crowd in today - let's do the same tomorrow for Sarah Millican and Sara Pascoe.

Book here

201111Sarah Millican And Sara Pascoe20110814

Rich starts the podcast wearing his crown, to the confusion of most of the audience who are only here to see Edinburgh darling Sarah Millican, but he has a go at talking to them anyway about a cock-based viral advertising campaign and why multi-millionaires must never drink water.

But then relief all round as Millican comes on to discuss P Diddy, flaps, the misogyny of Richard Herring and her rise to superstardom.

Is that sexual tension or just awkwardness in the room? Rich realises he is unable to distinguish the two things and may, in fact, only have experienced the latter.

Back to Edinburgh 97 for tales of nudity and humiliation for Richard and eschewing show-biz for Sarah.

Then Sara Pascoe does the five minute set, followed by the quiz in which you learn, amongst other things, Sarah Millican's bra size.

Surely all shows would be improved by the addition of the King of Edinburgh.

Wouldn't they?

201112Ray Peacock And Katherine Ryan20110816

After a well-deserved day off (full, alas, of more work) Rich is back, but he's hungover and grumpy and railing at the innocent and the underage.

There's news of Hitler's tits and an accidental, but brilliant pun about a cumpkin (can't believe I hadn't thought of it before), and a Richard Herring's Objective script to give away.

And it's a podclash today with Ray Peacock from the Proctor and Gamble podcast with some scores to settle and a claim that Richard is not, as many believe, the inventor of podcast and all recorded media.

There's stories of partner swopping and actress snogging and Emma Kennedy attempted murder, and what happens if you try to pretend to be a transformer dinosaur - plus a lot of discussion of Richard's charity work that he doesn't like to talk about, perhaps because he is planning on embezzling all the money.

The amazing Katherine Ryan does the stand-up, though afterwards she transformed into a jar of pear drops for the podcast photo.

And you'll find out what Ray Peacock needs in return for giving Keith Allen a blow job, and I don't think you'd guess in advance.

More excitingly the show was a sell out.

It's Shappi Khorsandi and Simon Donald tomorrow, so book ahead

201113Shappi Khorsandi And Simon Donald20110817

Rich's newfound vanity for expensive footwear means he is in agony as his new boots have rubbed against his feet and he's bleeding into his socks.

His guest Shappi Khorsandi is also somewhat crooked by a muscle injury in her leg.

And neither of them have had enough sleep and so they're being very indiscrete and talking nonsense.

We will find out what people of different nations smell like and which movie star works out in the same park as Shappi, plus reminiscences about the Tempting Tattie and crying into baked potatoes.

With a 5 minute set from comedy legend Simon Donald (buy his brilliant book) and the chance to win some waterproof plasters (but only if you came to the actual show).

It's still number one in the podcast charts, despite a temporary slip.

201114Barry Cryer And Edward Aczel20110818

What's that unusual atmosphere in the air today? Could it be genuine reverence.

Rich is joined by one of his absolute comedy heroes, Barry Cryer and is trying to be on his best behaviour.

Barry's butterfly brain means he has a story about everyone and everything that gets mentioned from Nicholas Parsons to Stewart Lee and Jack Benny to Richard Pryor.

He also comes up with the best answer yet to the Keith Allen Question (as it is known in parliament).

So just sit back and listen to a comedy legend (which is pretty much that all Rich does in this episode) and find out who's really the king of Edinburgh.

Edward Aczel is on hand for five minutes of stand-up and Rich has just been offered an advert where he'd have to live in a perspex box for three days (he may not take it).

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

201115Josh Howie And Josh Widdicombe20110819

Rogue and Josh(es) - Somewhere back in 1981 the 14 year old Richard Herring has exploded after being mentioned on Channel 5 this morning by Janet Ellis, but the 44 year-old Rich has to push on and do another podcast, if he can stop looking at 18 year old A level students jumping in the air.

He is joined today by former trainee rabbi Josh Howie, who is by his own admission a dick.

They chat about near fights with hecklers, torn banjo strings, AIDS and incest and whether actors are thicker than comedians.

Brilliant Josh Widdicombe is on hand to provide 5 minutes of stand-up and the audience are getting amorous with each other.

It's all happening.

Get down to the Stand tomorrow to see Simon Munnery and Matt Green

201116Simon Munnery And Matt Green20110820

Rich is coping with the imminent closure of the Tempting Tattie and with having had his second Celebrity Mastermind nightmare of the month, but luckily Simon is on hand to out Top Trump Rich on numbers of Fringes plus talk of what happens if you drink half a jar of Nescafe in one pint of water, Edinburgh feuds with unlikely foes, future movie stars falling face first into bowls of porridge, airships and what it's like to act as Banksy's lawyer.

It's amazing stuff.

And if that wasn't enough Matt Green is on hand for five minutes of stand-up and one lucky sinister fella is going to win a 25 Euro voucher to buy left-handed items at On The Other Hand - - if you come tomorrow you could win another one!

201117Dan Tetsell And Lee Camp20110821

Rich is a bit hungover and still reeling from having walked through the streets of Edinburgh on a Saturday night, seeing fights and sick and men on their own being weirdly impressed to see him.

He's just thankful he didn't get punched.

It's a mini-AIOTM and TWTTIN reunion today, with King Herod actor Dan Tetsell, who just seems relieved to be away from his daughter's shitting arse.

He has some script-writing tips and stories of Edinburgh embarrassments, whilst Rich recalls the romantically turbulent year of 2004 when he dated 50 women in 50 days for the 12 Tasks of Hercules Terrace.

Stand-up from Lee Camp.

It's got a bit of a postprandial Sunday afternoon feel to it.

Tomorrow Al Murray is on the show, so worth booking ahead.

The physical and mental decline is really kicking in now, so should be some fun moments as Herring's life falls apart.

201118Al Murray And Martin Mor20110822

Libya is on turmoil and David Cameron has to come home from another holiday, but Rich is in ebullient mood, as after today there are only 7 podcasts to go.

The end is in sight, but will it keep moving further and further away like it did last year? Rich is joined by Al Murray, who today is playing his most complex and bizarre character - himself - and there's chat about the Female Eunuch, murder mimes, the spontaneous generation of the Pub Landlord character, fights between members of the cast of Time Gentleman Please as well as whether monkeys can consent to sex, the Worst Comedy Experience of 2005 and the Edinburgh based birth of Al's eldest child in 1999.

Stewart Lee's name crops up a couple of times too.

With stand-up from the remarkably bearded Martin Mor and an appearance from the Nirvana baby.

It's one of the best shows yet.

201119Dave Fulton And Steve Gribbin20110823

Dave Fulton and Steve 'Gibbon' Gribbin - In the last days Rich has seen the world's most urchiny children and the poshest baby ever and there's a young man with a bow tie in the front row today.

Perhaps he is asleep and dreaming all this.

Today's guest is ex drug dealer and grave robber Dave Fulton who climbs up frozen waterfalls for fun.

He also has an incredible story about Richard from 1999 that the womanising drunkard Somerset comedian has no memory of.

It's a goodie though.

The two men, with fifty years' worth of comedy experience between them, have some serious things to say about the business of making people laugh, but there's plenty of funnies too.

And another golden oldie with more than a quarter of a century's experience is on hand to give us five minutes of his act, the exuberant Steve Gribbin.

This show is so different every day.

Hope you're enjoying it as much as we are.

201120Omid Djalili And Jen Brister20110824

Rich is a bit groggy after pretending to be Paul Weller at Karaoke Circus last night, but he's excited about having seen Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock in the street, even though he has a real life movie star as his guest today.

Omid Djalili has stories of experimental theatre in the Czech Republic, possibly killing Oliver Reed and maybe breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Rich looks back to a pivotal career moment in the Fringe of 2007, whilst Omid recounts the antics of towel thief Andre Vincent and the comedy awards announcement is made during the show, so there's time to chat about Richard's repeated failure to be nominated for anything.

With stand-up from the wonderful Jen Brister and the last chance to win a wine voucher from

201121Paul Provenza And Joe Lycett20110825

A late night performing at the awesome Set List gig has left Richard both tired and exhilarated and fittingly he's talking to the producer of that show, Paul Provenza.

He has tales of how a lazy eye got him into comedy, the genesis of his film The Aristocrats and the differences between American and British stand-up.

It's quite a scholarly look at the comedy business and the mindset of comedians, but there's plenty of funnies too, including how far Paul will go to deal with a heckler - it is a long way! Rich has a story of trying to intervene in an assault in 1987 and there's some mention of high-backed armchairs.

See if you can spot the moment where Rich actually nearly fell asleep (due to late night and hangover rather than the conversation taking a dull turn).

Stand-up from the sausage and bean loving future superstar Joe Lycett.

Tomorrow the marvellous Phil Nichols.

201122Phil Nichol And Markus Birdman20110826

Due to a recording error we only had a very speeded up and corrupted recording.

We have slowed it down, but you will probably only want to listen if you are a completist.

This is what was in it though: Phil Nichol and Markus Birdman - It's a small crowd and Rich is a bit sluggish again, but when talk moves on to pleasuring oneself at disaster sites things perk up.

Phil Nichol is on hand to talk about how it is to win awards and whether they should exist, people having sex in public places and what got him into comedy.

Rich is looking back at 2008 and when rib tickling turned to rib cracking and Phil introduces us to a street performer who may be real or might be just in his imagination called Rumpel (we'll find out tomorrow as he's going to be a guest on the show).

Stand-up provided by Markus Birdman and today's episode sponsored by Genna Delaney's jewellery

201123Rumpel And Matt Kirshen20110827

After yesterday's debacle where the podcast got recorded on the wrong setting (still seeing if there's some way we can recover a shaky version of it) - Chris at The Stand 'accidentally' forgets to record the opening of today's show - which is coincidentally the bit where I am slagging him off for his incompetence.


My first guest today is someone who Phil Nichol was talking a lot about yesterday, eccentric street performer, Rumpel - the Worldly Kangeroo Fool of Oz - and it turns out that either Nichol has a very good imagination (where the things he think take physical form) or this is a real man.

He says something that I think is the funniest thing in all 23 podcasts so far.

Then the relatively sane Matt Kirshen is on hand to talk about which order you should rape and kill a tramp in, men's nipples and performing in a meeting room at a hotel.

Details of his show here.

Episode 23 is a podcast packed with actual insanity and unpleasantness and laughs.

Let's just hope it all recorded OK.

Tomorrow Isy Suttie and Monday Adam Buxton

201124Isy Suttie And Andrew O'neill20110828

Richard has now been talking to comedians for 24 hours - it'll take you a whole day to listen.

And there's one more to come.

Hopefully our technical gremlins are behind us and after 10 gigs in 2 days Rich had an early night.

And though he apparently looks like a tramp he is in good spirits.

Made better by the fact that his guest is Isy Suttie, from off of that scene in the stationery cupboard in Peep Show (if you don't know what Peep Show is or what TV is, that all gets explained in the podcast - though we forgot to explain what a podcast is, sorry).

You'll find out what happens when you don't put helium in your balloon, how celebrity death can wreck a comedy routine and if a member of Pink Floyd stole Isy's guitar.

Top drawer stand-up from Andrew O'Neill.

There's only one more to go.

Adam Buxton and Seymour Mace tomorrow - plus a chance to win the contents of Rich's food cupboard.