Rhapsody In Blue

Five stories with music to celebrate the 80th anniversary of George Gershwin's masterpiece.



Soul Music examines Gershwin's 'experiment in modern music', 90 years after its premiere.

AR01The Rhapsody Blues20040426

By Candace Allen.

Read by Ricky Fearon.

An ambitious young black pianist from the Midwest is witness to the premiere of the Rhapsody.

AR02The Dark Blue Settee2004042720060411

By Julia Darling, read by Felicity Finch.

Set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1965, this is the tale of a television, a kiss and a family disaster.

AR03B-flat And A Tonal Arch2004042820060412

By Eva Salzman, read by Amber Rose Sealey.

A New York tale, featuring a nightmare subway ride, a panicky piano recital and a lousy relationship.

Producer Peter Everett

AR04New York Restaurant2004042920060413

By Candida Clark, read by Jenny Coverack.

An English girl in New York pretends to be what she isn't, and realises that there's a price to be paid.

Producer Peter Everett

AR05 LASTThe Blazing Sky20040430

By Jackie Kay.

A lonely woman confronts her female stalker.