Revert To Type

Journalists revisit stories they covered and explore how they have moved on today.


01Murder On The High Seas20071203

Nick Davies returns to a story he wrote for the Guardian in 1993 about a group of West African stowaways trying to make it to Europe.

Their journey ended in murder.

Only one man, Kingsley Ofosu, survived the ordeal.

Nick visits Accra to meet Kingsley and the son named in his honour.


Ann Leslie returns to the series of articles she wrote for the Daily Mail in November 1989, documenting the momentous and emotional events around the fall of the Berlin Wall.

03 LAST20071217

Godfrey Hodgson returns to an article he wrote in the Financial Times in 1985 on the problems faced by Tranmere Rovers Football Club, playing in the shadows of Liverpool and Everton.

Twenty-two years ago they had a wealthy American backer and a new player manager, the charismatic Frank Worthington.

But where are they now?