Return To Sender

People share their stories, their deepest thoughts and anxieties in a series of audio letters in 'Return to Sender'.


01The Gift20040712

The Gift tells the remarkable story of how a wife has decided to donate one of her kidneys to her husband. Brian and Georgette recount how they met and how they had to come to terms with the fact that Brian had a congenital disease which meant that his kidneys could deteriorate at a moment's notice. When he started to suffer from severe kidney problems, Georgette decided that she would give up one of her kidneys.

The Gift explores their thoughts, dreams and anxieties as they prepare for the transplant.

02The Journey20040713

Barbara explains to her daughter, Natasha, why she feels the need to travel to the Himalayas. For Barbara the journey to such an adventurous location is a type of catharsis, which she feels, will help her come to terms with the death of her husband.

Both mother and daughter explore how they are coping with the death of a loved one.

03Love On The Net20040714

With one in three marriages ending in divorce more and more people are turning to online dating. Sue and Steve are two such people. In a series of revealing audio letters they recount how they fell in love within eight hours of meeting each other on the net.

This is a classic love story of the electronic age.

04A Family Affair20040715

Lisa and Brian explain to their own children why they take in foster children.

The two sides discuss their thoughts, feelings and anxieties regarding the issue.

For the parents it is a quest to help children who are going through a difficult time but for their own children it can be an unsettling and sometimes traumatic experience.

05 LAST45 Years Later20040716

Forty-five years ago at the age of 18, Gordon proposed to his girlfriend Joyce. She agreed to give her answer the following Thursday but she never turned up for the date. Circumstances took a hand and Gordon was drafted into the army. They both ended up marrying other people but they have recently met and have rekindled their relationship forty-five years later, proving the point that true love never dies. In a series of revealing audio letters Joyce explains to Gordon why she never turned up on that fateful Thursday.