Return To Earth

Buzz Aldrin's 1973 autobiography describes his journey to the moon and the challenge he faced on his return. Abridged in five parts by Doreen Estall and read by John Sharian.


LB01On The Threshold Of A Dream19990720

Christmas Eve 1968. Apollo 8 has just completed its first successful lunar orbit.

LB02To The Moon And Back19990721

The views are astounding, but the food is bland. The amount of housework for three men travelling through space seems endless.

LB03Return To Earth19990722

Splashdown in the Pacific on 24 July 1969 is followed by a period of quarantine before the astronauts are reunited with their families.


The returning heroes embark on a gruelling series of tours.

LB05 LASTLost In America19990724

Thirty years on, Aldrin examines how he feels about those heady times.